• MentalMars
    You’re like the cornerstone of the community!
    Jim Foronda | Battleborn Voice Actor
  • MentalMars
    Not only is he talented creator of all types of visual Gearbox goodies, he’s also at the forefront of all the delicious Battleborn speculation that none of us can get enough of recently!
    Joe King | GBX Community Sponge
  • MentalMars

    This is so cool, I love the concept and you captured some of the tension of the inevitable standoff. Great work!

    Chloe Skew | PR & Marketing at Turtle Rock Studios
  • MentalMars

    I love your blogs

    Randy Varnell | Creative Director on Battleborn / Design Producer on Borderlands 2
  • MentalMars

    @mentalmars nice to meet you today!! The team over there spoke highly of you :))

    Zach | GhostRobo
  • MentalMars

    You’re certainly on my list of awesome community members

    Chris F | GBX Product Manager


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