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Battleborn Gear

I got my first look at Battleborn’s loot system at Gamescom 2015 where Randy Pitchford  told me the first details. So the loot in Battleborn is called Gear, the engine that runs in the background is a modified  loot system from Borderlands. If you are familiar with that game the Gear in Battleborn is best described as Borderlands Class Mods. As these can modify various stats and therefore giving you a wide range of possibilities. Just like the loot in Borderlands the Gear in Battleborn is procedurally generated giving you almost an endless amount of possibilities.

The Gear is procedurally generated so you can encounter a lot of varieties. You have your Gear that will boost your common stats like more health/shield/attack power/faster shield recharge/etc.

There is your Gear that  grants you special abilities, like drop a grenade when you die. Also there is Gear that boosts your shards income rate, making it easier to  activate other Gear (or build turrets).

There are various ways to earn Gear in Battleborn.

  • Play a (multiplayer) Match
  • Defeating a level boss
  • Completing Challenges
  • Leveling up Character Rank
  • Leveling up Command Rank
  • Buy them in the shop with ingame credits

Before a match you can pick out which Gear you would like to bring along for that match. With each session you can bring 3 items with you.  You can manually select which ones you like or you can create custom presets for your favorite combinations. Within a match you need to collect enough shards to activate each piece of gear.

Shards are the in-match currency. They can only be earned and spent during that single match, after the match ends your recourses will reset just like your helix. Shards can be spent on two things: Activating Gear and building Buildables (Turrets, Support Nodes, etc.).

Shards can be acquired a few ways:

  • crystal deposits that you need to break  and pick up the pieces. These deposits will respawn during  the match.
  • Killing NPCs or Player controlled heroes (multiplayer). A small percentage of the shards you gain are also shared with your teammates. If you are killed you won’t  drop your shards on death (though it’s been discussed).

Activating Gear depends on the piece of Gear. How more Badass it is how more expensive it is. I have seen Gear with a price point around 1250 Shards.

Common  = $
Rare = $$
Legendary = $$$

If you earned Gear during your play time you will receive an Gear pack. If you come across one of these mid game you won’t have to fight your friends for it. If one of your team members picks up a Gear pack the whole team will get one. At the end of the match you will unlock a random item from your Gear pack. This item will be random for all party members. So you all get to brag over your loot.

There will be different kinds of rarity. So you will have your common, unique, rare & legendary gear. Battleborn won’t have the same  colors assigned to their gear  as previously seen in Borderlands.

Orange = Legendary
Purple = EPIC
Blue = Rare
Green = Uncommon
Grey = Common

Difficult challenges and Bosses grant you a Rare Gear pack and therefore you have a higher chance on getting better Gear. Increasing the game’s difficulty increases the chance on better Gear. So start playing with friends as the game’s difficulty scales depending on the amount of players in the party. You can also set the game from Normal to Hard difficulty or you can enable Hardcore mode. Hardcore mode will set your respawns to zero, so if you die it’s game over, no second chances.

Gear can be earned in the Story Mode campaign and during Multiplayer matches. Gear isn’t tied to a specific mode, so you can use your Story Mode found gear in Multiplayer and vise versa.

Gear that you found is not binded with that specific Battleborn hero. So if you found a piece of Gear with Orendi you can also use that piece of Gear with all of the other playable characters.

There is Gear that is specific for an individual  hero or a specific faction.

Gear can  boost your stats and abilities but also those of your team members.

There is also Gear that affects the opposing team in multiplayer. For example there is an piece of Gear that reduces the enemy’s shield capacity, giving your team an advantage on the battlefield. Unless the other team plays with all Eldrid heroes who don’t have a shield.

Yes, you can sell the Gear that you have no use for. You will gain a little bit of money from this. The feature to trade gear with your friends is currently not present in the game. This might be a possible update in the future if demand is high enough.

Yes, Bosses are able to drop specific legendary gear. Check out the story mode missions for detailed information on which boss drops what kind of gear.

Although this manor has been discussed at Gearbox there are currently no consumables.  Loot is earned and it’s yours, so no one-time use Gear.

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