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The Evolution of Evolve Documentary

EVOLVE Documentary
Host of The Evolution of Evolve Documentary; Adam Sessler

Host of The Evolution of Evolve Documentary; Adam Sessler

A Evolve Documentary series about the intensive process of Turtle Rock Studios in creating their next video game. Adam Sessler will host this  Evolve Documentary and he will take a deep dive look at the studio’s development process for Evolve. The Evolution of Evolve Documentary is a five-part series that looks in to the development and design of the multi-award winning game from the creators of Left 4 Dead.

What started out as a simple idea evolved into a rich en diverse video game.

Episode #1 – Asymmetric Multiplayer Design & Big Alpha

Episode #2 – The Iterative Process of Turtle Rock Studios

Episode #3 – Creating a Hunter

Episode #4 – The Planet Shear

Episode #5 – Creating a Monster

Download Evolve Wallpapers

Are you as excited about the game as i am ? Well i made some badass looking Evolve wallpapers that you can set as your desktop background theme. Here are 3 examples, you can find more evolve wallpapers in the download section.

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