Hi, my name is Peter but you may known me by my Gamertag MentalMars. I live in Holland and i can speak Dutch & English. A few of my passions are gaming, webdesign & graphical art, and if you take a look around my website you can see the dedication of that. What started out as a Borderlands community project got out of control and became a massive fanart collection. Soon a portfolio website got to the size of... well this. I hope you enjoy my work and the passions i put into these creations, hopefully you can take the time to send me a note if you like it.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Latest News

Battlebread Update December 2016

Hey everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I thought its time for another update blog. Over the last few weeks i h...

New Announcement by Gearbox Software on Dec.1st

On Twitter Randy Pitchford, President  Gearbox Software,  teased that they will announce something o...

MentalMarmot is Canon – Battleborn

With the launch of Battleborn i found out that there was a reference in the game that pointed toward...

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