Badass Content Creator by Day, Battlebread Baker by Night!

Hi, my name is Peter Groot and I go by the alias MentalMars. In this corner of the website, you can learn more about me and what’s going on with the site. I’m from Holland and natively I speak Dutch, therefore, English is my second language. During my “day” job I bake bread for several stores and in my spare time, I create awesome content for the games I’m passionate about. Throughout the years, my main focus has been on Battleborn and Borderlands, which are both games by Gearbox Software. Because of my dedication and the quality content I put out, I have managed to build a good relationship with them and also their publisher 2K Games. This has resulted in exclusive content, interviews, and giveaways. So if you are as passionate about these games as I am then please consider bookmarking this site.


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Chris Brock
GBX Managing Producer of Development

“MentalMars is a friend of the studio”

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Jim Foronda
VO Talkie Person

You’re like the cornerstone of the community!

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Randy Varnell
Creative Director Battleborn

MentalMars has been awesome since the first day he and I interacted online, and he’s always been respectful of both our time and jobs as well.

I’ve always been happy to leak as much as i can (and probably more than i should) to MentalMars because of his attitude and hard work.

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Joe King
GBX Community Sponge

Not only is he talented creator of all types of visual Gearbox goodies, he’s also at the forefront of all the delicious Battleborn speculation that none of us can get enough of recently!

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Chloe Skew
PR & Marketing at Turtle Rock Studios

This is so cool, I love the concept and you captured some of the tension of the inevitable standoff. Great work!

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@mentalmars nice to meet you today!! The team over there spoke highly of you :))

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Chris F
GBX Product Manager

You’re certainly on my list of awesome community members

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Content Creator

“MentalMars is the most reliable source for information in the community right now. Whenever I need info on weapons, release dates, or other news, he is my go-to guy.” -EpicNNG

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