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Cross Gamerz Network

Portfolio : Cross Gamerz Network

Early 2012 i got contacted by Tom Groot, founder of xGamerz.net, he was running a  video game blog with ambition and passion for many years. But some dreams are too big for one person and he wanted to go next level. As he was a fan of my previous work we did some meetings and i decided to join the adventure.

I suggested the name got upgraded to Cross Gamerz Network and with this i created a new website with a whole new logo, look & feel. The site got upgraded with Social Media integration and new concepts & rubrics. As i did editorial news i also was responsible for back-end website, updating, SEO, taxonomy and more.

  • Cross Gamerz Network by MentalMars
    Tom Groot | Founder Cross Gamerz Network


Portfolio: Cross Gamerz Network
Date: Feb 2012 – Aug 2013

  • Graphical design
  • Website
  • Taxonomie
  • SEO
  • Editor

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