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Portfolio: DTF.fm

In 2011 DTF Productions (Design the Future) was launching there anniversary site with call backs to previous projects. One of those projects was DTF Records a trance label they had created. For this section on the site there needed to be made some videos of the various tracks they had published. As a long term member and moderator i got pitched to create these videos.

Previously as a community member i had  been making trance related wallpapers, cd covers,  signature art for the community, and as party reporter i was making the party pictures during the Dutch Trance Force &  Ego Trip parties. For a few of these parties i even made  a promo videos.

DTF Records by MentalMars

DTF Records by MentalMars
  • DTF-FM

    You made some beautiful clips, amazing! Thanks for everything you have done for DTF !

    Jurgen H | Owner DTF.fm

Portfolio: DTF.fm
Project: Trance videos
Date: jun 2011

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