Portfolio: UDI-SOS

In 2013 a manage to obtain a new project to build and re-design the website for a  hiking association called UDI-SOS. Replacing the old HTML4 framework with a new CMS and updating the look to a more modern design. Arranged that the server was compatible with the CMS. I gave the website a fresh look, by brushing up the logo and  using more bright and vibrant colors overall. Transferred and updated the original content to a more rich and user friendly experience. Setup associated social media accounts at facebook, twitter, and youtube with the new branding to create a uniform experience. Integrated a forum to setup a buddy system so members could engage with each other and  arrange hiking sessions together.

While my project and milestones got approved by the commission the previous webmaster sadly had a change of heart and  undid my work.

UDI-SOS Promo Video by MentalMars

udi-sos logo

Portfolio: UDI-SOS
Project: Website + Social Media
Date: july 2013