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Battleborn is a hero shooter developed by the team that brought you Borderlands at Gearbox Software. The game features a 5 player coöprative story mode and 5 versus 5 competitive multiplayer modes. A game filled with a lot of playable characters and loot. Level up and use gear to create the ultimate badass.

At the end of a dying universe as all the stars gone dark, all the species capable of space travel from around the universe gather around the last star called Solus. Here every faction wants to decide the fate of the universe. But soon they learn they need to set their differences aside  to go up against a bigger thread.A evil dark force called the Varelsi are behind the darkening of the stars. These chosen heroes, champions, battleborn join forces to stop this evil attack, but will they succeed? Join our heroes moments before the end of the universe in their desperate attempt to stop the consumption of the stars.

Developed By:Gearbox SoftwarePublisher:2K Games

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