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Alani Lore

Just like the other Battleborn heroes Alani also has 5 different lore challenges. These challenges are fun goals you can work towards. When you complete these challenges you will be rewarded with a nice lore nugget, these will give you some info or backstory about Alani.

Some of these challenges are designed to teach you certain skills of Alani. Others challenges are there to tell you who Alani’s friends or foes are.


  • Another Million and We’re Even
    Kill Ambra 5 times.
  • Helician Hellraisers
    Play 3 matches on the same team as Galilea.
  • Song of the Emula
    Deal 3,000 damage with a single Emergence, 10 times.
  • The Lifeguards Have Given Up
    Affect 5 players with a single Riptide, 25 times.
  • Time Blurs in the Depths
    Heal 800 health with a single Wellspring, 50 times.

Completing all the lore challenges will unlock a hero-specific legendary piece of gear.


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