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Beatrix - Battleborn Character Profile Page

Beatrix Jennerit Battleborn Character


NAME:  Beatrix Lucavi
FACTION: Jennerit
ROLE: Support


CHARACTER UNLOCK: 47,500 in-game credits or season pass.


Sniper Controller Advanced
Health: 915
Health Regeneration: 0
Shield: 300
Shield Regeneration: +60/Second
Shield Regeneration Delay: 5 Seconds


Precise. Deadly. Obsessively hygienic.
Beatrix has a fondness, if not obsession, with manipulating living creatures. With her prosthetic syringe-arm, she can inject enemies at range, spreading debilitating debuffs and disease across the battlefield. A scientist at artificial-heart, Beatrix is ready to apply a lethal dose of Jennerit intellect and ruthlessness straight to Rendain.

Beatrix will be coming in the next couple months as the 30th Battleborn and will be free for everyone with 47,500 credits earned in-game. She can also be unlocked instantly using a (1) hero key, which is included in the Season Pass, saving you the time it takes to earn the credits to otherwise unlock her. We’ll have more info on Beatrix, including her abilities and release date as, we get closer to her release.You can expect the content to keep rolling in over the coming months. The 30th Battleborn hero, Beatrix, is ready to plague the battlefield with debilitating debuffs!


Beatrix  is the 30th Battleborn hero and the fifth of 5  free playable characters that will be added to the game as post-launch content. Beatrix  can be unlocked with 47,500 credits  or with a free hero key once she is available.   People who bought the Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Edition will get Hero keys to unlock hero 26 t/m 30.

  • Beatrix Early Access: January 19th
  • Beatrix Official Release: January 26th


  • Development Name:  Plaguebringer
  • Character Concept:  Anthony Nicholson
  • Character Designer:   K.P.
  • Character Concept Artist:  Sergi Brosa
  • Voice: Apphia Yu
  • VFX: Ash Lyons
  • The bubbles in the canister can change depending on her taunt
  • Beatrix has a VO line where she says “I am the Plaguebringer!” as a reference to her development name.





The viral agent in the Injector’s phial applies Infection to enemies. Scoped shots deal 75% more damage.

Primary Attack: 38

Secondary Attack: 208



Beatrix replaced her fragile intergumentary  system long ago with hardened casing and a suit of prosthetic, resistant to toxins and physical trauma alike.


Skill 1

Increases Beatrix’s or targeted allies attack speed by 25% for 5 seconds while nearby enemies take 35 damage per second for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 16 seconds


Skill 2

Beatrix fires a rapid barrage of homing projectiles that deal 28 damage each and weaken enemies reducing attack damage by 30% for 3 seconds

Cooldown: 12 seconds



Plagues a target for 8 seconds dealing 43 damage per second and wounding them, reducing healing received by 60%. these effects spread among nearby enemies.

Cooldown:  70 seconds



Infection wounds enemies for 3 seconds if shot normally, 5 seconds if scoped. Infection deals 28 damage over 1 second.

Helix Skill Tree:

During the course of a gameplay session your Battleborn will earn experience points by  taking down enemies or complete challenges.  By earning enough Experience Points your Hero will level up their Helix and are presented a choice between different augmentations  in the skill tree. Per level you can only choose one of these skills to enhance your character’s abilities. Mutations are additional choices that need to be unlocked by leveling the hero’s character rank.




    Allies affected by Patient Zero now spread Infection to enemies that attack them.


    Enemies hit by Fulminate projectiles will now be silenced. +3 Seconds Silence Duration
    (Each projectile in Fulminate now silences for a portion of the 3 second duration)



    Allies affected by Patient Zero steal life on any attack. +30% Life Steal


    Allies affected by Patient Zero take reduced damage. +30% Damage Reduction


    Once Patient Zero wears off, it explodes on the target, slowing all enemies in the area for 3 seconds. +3 Seconds Slow Duration



    Beatrix uses her Injector to melee targets, increasing her damage and stealing life from her targets. +25% Melee Damage +50% Life Steal


    Enhances Beatrix’s optical implant with modular magnification, increasing maximum zoom distance.



    Activating Fulminate instantly refills Beatrix’s Injector.


    Activating Fulminate sprays an aerosol solution around Beatrix, slowing nearby enemies and speeding up nearby allies for 3 seconds. +3 Seconds Slow Durartion, +30% Movement Speed

  • REMISSION EMISSION [Unlock Rank 9]

    Activating Fulminate sprays out a cloud that removes all debuffs from allies near Beatrix.



    Infection deals damage to all enemies near the affected target. +20 Damage per Second


    Enemies affected by Infection take increased melee damage. +15% Melee Damage Amplification

  • DOUBLE DOSE [Unlock Rank 5]

    Hitting a target with the Incistyx Injector will cause the bullet to jump to the next nearest enemy, damaging them and applying infection.



    Reduces Patient Zero’s cooldown time, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time


    Reduces Fulminate’s cooldown time, allowing more frequent use. -25% Cooldown Time



    Increases Beatrix’s Incistyx injector ammo capacity. +6 Clip Size


    The Incistyx Injector syphons a portion of damage dealt, restoring Beatrix’s health with each shot. +10% Life Steal

  • AMPLIFIED AMPOULES [Unlock Rank 3]

    The Injector charges up while scoped in, increasing damage and shield penetration at max charge. +50% Damage, +25% Shield Penetration



    Increases the duration of Patient Zero. +3 Seconds Duration


    When targeting an ally, Patient Zero also applies to Beatrix.



    Killing an enemy with Fulminate lowers the cooldown of Outbreak. +10% Cooldown Time per Kill


    Increasing the damage of Fulminate. +25% Damage



    The main target of Outbreak is marked for death. If the target is killed while Outbreak is active then all enemies in the area are stunned. +3 Seconds Stun Duration


    While a target is affected by Outbreak, a portion of damage dealt to the target is dealt to nearby enemies. Outbreak no longer deals damage over time. 25% Damage Shared to Nearby Targets


    Firing Outbreak at the ground will create a pool which will apply the effects of Outbreak to the first enemy target that touches it.


Beatrix Guides by the Community

Beatrix Guides Playlist

Beatrix Tips

  • make sure to keep hitting your opponents tanks to repeatedly your passives wound to make them receive greatly reduced healing
  • try to use your ult when many enemy players are staying close together since it will spread between them
  • use fluminate on agressieve opponents to make sure they cannot deal as much dmg to your team


Images / Screenshots / Artwork


Beatrix Reveal Stream


Lore Challenges

    Apply Patient Zero to 50 allies.
    Affect 5 or more enemies with a single use of Outbreak, 10 times.
    Kill 100 enemies with Fulminate.
    Deal 50.000 damage with the Incistyx  Injector in a single match, 10 times.
    Apply Infection to 100 Battleborn


Beatrix’s legendary gear is rewarded to the player when all lore challenges are completed.

Beatrix Legendary Gear - Battleborn

Beatrix Legendary Gear – Battleborn

Beatrix Lore

Beatrix Lore Audio Log 'INDIFFERENCES ASIDE'

Beatrix Audio Lore - Battleborn

Battleplan 32: Diary of Beatrix Lucavi

[Excerpts from the diary of Beatrix Lucavi, retrieved from a Codex seedpod regrown in the new archive on Ekkunar]

Mother says I need to “apply myself” more in my studies. Who cares? I’m in the top 5% of the class without trying. Not sure why it matters so much to her—it’s not like I’ll make it to graduation anyway.
It’s like, she says one thing, and means the complete opposite!
She said she wanted me to transfer into the Archsciences Academy so I could make friends of “more suitable bearing”, whatever that means. Whatever, it’s not like I can make friends here, since everyone’s so much older than me.
And how am I supposed to make friends if she wants me to study all the time? I’m already enrolled in twice as many courses as anyone else…

[a drawing in the margin depicts a Jennerit girl with wings struggling to fly while chained at the ankle to a giant book]

UGH, Professor Alecto makes my blood boil (what’s left of it, anyway)! Since the first lecture, she’s been trying to fail me, just because I disproved her little pet theory about the Jennerit and Varelsi having implicit genetic commonality. It’s not MY fault she’s wrong. Honestly, how she got tenure is beyond me.

[Much of the page is taken up by a drawing of a Jennerit woman trapped in a volumetric flask over a burner; a younger girl stands over the flask, laughing.]

They say the best revenge is living well…Since that’s not really an option for me, I settled for the next best thing and decided to ace her class.
Also, I’ve begun working on my thesis.
Can’t WAIT to see the look on her stupid face when I publish my refutation of her new research. “Hypernegative Void-Tunnel Theory”, really, where does she come up with this comic-book junk?
Speaking of junk, mom sent me more candy. So…yayyy.

Went home to visit the “family”. I know what you’re thinking, and no, he wasn’t there. Shocking, I know.
Mom said we could do a holo-call tonight but I don’t really want to think about it. Don’t really want to think about anything.
I’m really tired.
Another “specialist” is supposed to come by tomorrow. Pretty sure I’ve met just about every cretin in the field at this point, NOT hopeful.

There once was a girl named Trix
Whose body nobody could fix—
She went to the doctor
Who stabbed her and stocked her
With every pill in the mix.

Conference with one of the advisors and mother today. She seemed really excited, if you can believe it.
Apparently, she negotiated the possibility of early graduation, provided my grades don’t slip and I keep my course-load where it is.
Great. At least I’ll die with a degree.
On the plus side, this year I have to get a “Fine Arts” credit. Maybe I’ll change focuses, just to freak her out.
Wouldn’t that be something?

I think she might kill me herself if I tried.

[superimposed on the text is an outline of a small, four-fingered hand]

Graduation day, hoorayyy.
Beatrix, age 14, youngest student to ever graduate from ArchCad, that’s me.
Nothing to do now but eat candy till I puke.
Maybe I’ll invent un-puke-able candy before I kick it.

[A detailed picture, labelled “Figure 1”, appears to be a technical illustration of the proposed invention. Illegible annotations surround the figure.]

She’s adamant that I go—she actually applied FOR ME.
Apparently plenty of programs are willing to pay my way if I’m a research assistant. Seems like a waste of an investment to me.
Mom seems weirdly obsessed with the whole thing.

I guess now I know why she was so obsessed with grad school.
Arch-Sciences division needs all the help they can get, and having a Silent Sister for a mother apparently counts for something.
Does she ask me what I want?
Thought I was done.
I’m really tired.

Second Sun

I am not long for this world.
I’ll see another soon;
With closed eyes and laced fingers, curled
Up like a crescent moon,
A tiny piece of me may glow,
But most will rest in shade.
The memory of me may grow
While what remains will fade.

She tells me to aspire to life
As stars do: timeless, bright,
And keener than a Keeper’s knife,
To cut the dark of night.
But though a star may live an age,
Its life is spent in burning;
And all about it is a cage
Of worlds locked in their turning.

If I should spend a life of stars,
I do not burn for me;
If I endure behind these bars,
It’s only because she
Somehow believes she must atone
For me, her dying girl;
I am not long for me alone,
I am long for her world.

Battleplan 30: Mistress of Sciences

(Mail exchange retrieved from an archived investigation into the Mistress of Sciences, Lady Vurien, performed by Deande. Archived record is dated 19905.12 – .19)

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Approval Request

Lady Vurien,
At the urging of the Imperial Arch-Sciences division council, I’ve assembled a research team (despite my qualification to fill all necessary roles myself) and I’m prepared to move forward with a project, pending the council’s approval and grant disbursal.
Please see the attached proposal for an AI developmental program I’ve been tinkering with.
[Project JANUS: Jennerit Autonomous Networked Übermind Simulacrum]

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Re: Approval Request

Dr. Lucavi,
While your youthful zeal is appreciated, it must be tempered with pragmatism. The experiments outlined in your proposal are monumental in scope; the costs alone are deterrent enough. Weighed along with the societal risks posed by a ”cybernetic viral intelligence” (as you so charmingly put it), I’ve half a mind to issue a formal rebuke for such audacity.
Your proposal is denied.
We’ve enough troubles with AI as it stands, thanks to those plutocratic half-wits in the LLC.

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Approval Request (REVISED)

Lady Vurien,
I feel it incumbent upon me to mention that in the face of others’ failure, we stand to gain all the more through success.
However, per your instruction, I have significantly reduced the scope of my latest proposal with comparison to the previous.
The attached proposal outlines what should be a much more amenable undertaking.
[Project NERGAL: Nullification of Entropic Reduction and Geostrophically Appended Longevity]

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Re: Approval request (REVISED)

Dr. Lucavi,
What you “feel” incumbent upon you is irrelevant. You were not granted your station for your feelings, which are no doubt many, varied, and hyperbolic. You are here to work.
Bear that in your adolescent mind when you find yourself before the Arch-Sciences Tribunal for your most recent proposal. Undoing the Rite of Sustainment? What you suggest borders on treason.
Present yourself tomorrow morning, and consider yourself lucky that you are ineligible for excoriation, given your…condition. I continue to await a measured and reasoned proposal.
Recall the 4th Ray of the Astranogyon: “The difference between life and obliteration is but a respectful distance from the stars.”
I recommend you consider the merits of your fellow researchers’ projects, such as Dr. Drachus’ work in neometallurgic assault frame compositions.

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Approval Request (With Sugar on Top)

Most Esteemed Lady Vurien,
I would love nothing more than to work. To do so, I require resources outlined in my grant proposals.
After your earlier message inspired me to reflect on the Astranogyon, I began expanding upon some intriguing variances possible within the corpus of “holotwin” research.
[Project KALFU: Karyon-Appropriative Luminal Fabrication Unity]

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Approval Request (With Sugar on Top)

Project KALFU is two levels beyond your clearance—it is only by your mother’s misguided beneficence that you retain your position.
Tread carefully, child. You’ve no doubt drawn the attention of the Spymistress, and I will not have this division mired in controversy should an investigation be opened.

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Important Proposal

O, Wise and Venerable Lady Vurien,
See attached.
[Project LIMOS: Lingual Impulse Modulation by Olfactory Supersession]

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Important Proposal

Is this a proposal to research the effects of chocolate on the behavior of Arch-Sciences researchers?

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Re: Re: Important Proposal

Everybody likes chocolate.

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Important Proposal

Dr. Lucavi,
We are not going to pay you to eat chocolate.
Find work that is suited to the Empire’s needs, or find work elsewhere.

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Place to Stand and a Lever

Lady Vurien,
It’s clear the Arch-Sciences division council is of single-minded vision with regard to the application of research. The only projects that get funding around here are military and defense contracts.
To that end, I’m petitioning for the renewal of the late Dr. Elzer’s work in genomic modification.
Grant me and my team your endorsement and funding, and we will elevate the Jennerit both militarily and societally.
[Project PHALANX: Phenotypic Alteration, Augmentation, and Neuronal Xenogenesis]

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: Re: Place to Stand and a Lever

Was that so hard?
Your proposal is approved; you’ll be working out of division lab number 42.
I leave the preparations of the space to your team. Let me know if you require more personnel or equipment. I’ve also petitioned the council for an additional stipend to be allotted to you monthly as compensation for the personal risk outlined in your proposal.
Lastly, you’ll be sharing a campus with Lord…Nert, I believe? Whichever buffoon is the newest project manager of that money pit they call Project HOTEP. Perhaps you can help one another; I see the previous project manager cited “structural deconstitution” as an ongoing problem with her subjects.
If you’re half as good as you say, you should have no problem supplying something of hardier stock from PHALANX.
One hand scours the other, so the saying goes.

From: b.z.lucavi@archsci
To: n.d.vurien@archsci
Subject: Re: Re: Place to Stand and a Lever

My Lady,
Hedronic Oscillation by Trans-Euclidian Phantasma was the focus of my 3rd dissertation. I assume Nert’s using precursor subjects from Jennar? I’ve said time and again, our focus on homogeny will be our death.
But don’t worry—my work will change all of that.

From: n.d.vurien@archsci
To: b.z.lucavi@archsci
Subject: (no subject)

I expect great things of you before long.
May the Mother guide you.

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