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Battleborn Multiplayer Capture

In capture, teams of heroes must capture and protect objectives on the map to win. The objectives are different depending on the map played and can be either static or dynamic. The first team to achieve 1000 points will win the match.

Capture Game Mode Mechanics:

  • All players will start the match at level 3 and have 500 shards  at their disposal for some early or better gear activation.
  • Capture and Neutralization times have been  reduced from 10 to 6 seconds with the winter update.
  • Big Shards & Varelsi will spawn after two minutes at the 13:00 mark. They will continue to respawn after two minutes of being destroyed.

Capture Tips:

  • Follow the basic multiplayer guide
  • Since the winter update Varelsi troopers will now provide team XP instead of dropping an orb that provided a free helix upgrade once they were killed. But still a quick and easy way to out level your opponents.
  • You can get small but very quick exp during capture when standing on top of one of the points you already captured.
Battleborn Capture Outback

Capture energy collectors for power in the arid outback of Ekkunar.

Outback Strategies

  • Coming soon

Outback Map Overview

Battleborn Outback Large Map

Battleborn Capture Temples

Capture energy collectors deployed within the snowy temple ruins on Bliss.

Temples Strategies

  • Coming soon

Temples Map Overview

Battleborn Temples Large Map


The Peacekeeper Ocoban Mining Facility has been freed from Varelsi and Imperium control on the icy moon Bliss, thanks to the Battleborn! Now, race other teams to help rebuild the base by activating the energy collectors to re-power the facility. Look out, though! Winning reconstruction contracts can be a competitive and brutal affair!

  • On Snowblind, Point C is the most remote capture point but also the most important. It offers some of the strongest defense and longest sightlines into the rest of the map.
  • For long-range characters, hanging out at Point C will give you a clear view of nearly half the map.
  • If the enemy team owns Point C, use the bridge in the center map to pick them off with some long-range and careful shooting.

Double and high-jumping characters will be able to move more easily through and across the center of the map, so utilize their mobility to your advantage here. If you’re a melee-focused character, Points A and B, and the area in between, will provide some of the best attacking opportunities while still giving you a quick spot to retreat to in a pinch.

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