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Battleborn Characters - Hero Profiles


Battleborn has 30 playable characters,  each one having their own unique play-style and abilities. They all have a specific role they excel at, this is their key roll on the battlefield. Basically, you can divide them into 3 separate classes; attackers, defenders, and healers. However, each Battleborn hero executes these roles differently. While one hero is better at hit and run combat another hero could be better in fights that extend over a longer period. The Battleborn heroes are divided over 5 different factions:

  • Eldrid – The nature-loving faction that strives to remain at peace.
  • Jennerit –  The Socialist faction with an elite group of immortals.
  • LLC – War profiteers made up primarily of robots.
  • Peacekeepers – The sworn protectors of Solus.
  • Rogue – The faction that isn’t a faction.

Full Battleborn Character Roster


Battleborn is not just the name of the game but also how you describe the playable characters in the game. These are a group of heroes, they are the champions of this game. Battleborn is a hero shooter and therefore features a wide range of playable characters.

The game contains 30 unique heroes divided over 5 different factions. You can find their profiles on the hero list. Each faction has a unique skill assigned to its champions. The Eldrid have Health regeneration, the Jennerit have Life Leech and the Peacekeepers have large shield capacity.

During your adventure, you can play characters ranging from a cyborg Hawkman to samurai vampires to mini-gun-wielding man-mountains. If you like slash and parry, run and gun, cast and dash, or simply obliterate your foes. Battleborn has it while you are building and growing your personal team of heroes.

You initially started the game with 7 heroes and needed to unlock the other Battleborn by playing the game, however, since the Winter Update, all the heroes are unlocked from the start.

Character Role Specialization

In broad terms, you can divide the Battleborn heroes into 3 classes. These 3 character archetypes are; Attacker, Defender, and Supporter. This not only tells what type of character you are picking but it also has a benefit on the battlefield. Because depending on the role you play your character will get a boost against non-player enemies.


  • Attackers deal 15% more damage to non-Battleborn enemies.
  • Defenders take 15% less damage from non-Battleborn enemies.


As I mentioned the ‘character role specialization’ divides the heroes into 3 big archetypes. However, each Battleborn has a different take on that role. This is where the character’s classifications come in. These will tell you where the hero excels at.

One hero might be better at attacking and pushing the team forward while another hero could be very good at defending and keeping his ground and therefore is very territorial.  There are a lot of classifications like; Healers, Shielders, Snipers, Disruptors, etc. These describe their play style.

  • Adorable:  Because Toby is an adorable penguin.
  • Agile: The character is fast and/or highly mobile. Often includes skills or helix augmentations that increase mobility. Focuses mainly on vertical movement.
  • Assassin: The character is specialized in taking down a single target fast.
  • Brawler: The character is adept at getting into and staying in fights.
  • Combat:  The character is exceptionally useful in the middle of a fight.
  • Controller: The character has a lot of crowd control (CC) abilities that set up or assist the team.
  • Disruptor: The character has quite a few crowd control (CC) abilities that stop or interrupt the enemy.
  • Healer: The character specializes in restoring allies’ health.
  • Initiator:  The character is especially adept at starting fights. Usually involves a combination of movement abilities and crowd control.
  • Mobile: The character is fast and/or highly mobile. Often includes skills or helix augmentations that increase mobility. Focuses mainly on horizontal movement.
  • Pusher:  The character has a good Area of Effect damage and/or fast minion clear.
  • Rescuer:  The character is especially adept at last-second saves that mean the difference between life or death.
  • Shielder:  The character specializes in restoring allies’ shields.
  • Skirmisher:  The character is specialized in hit-and-run or guerrilla tactics.
  • Sniper:  The character can accurately hit targets at long range. That does NOT mean the character needs to stay far back.
  • Stealth:  The character can cloak and disappear from sight. The only indication is a slight shimmering effect.
  • Tank:  The character is a beefcake. Lots of health and often has a shield that blocks damage
  • Territorial:  The character specializes in controlling a specific area.
  • Versatile:  The character is flexible and can fill or specialize in multiple roles.

Skill Level

Each Battleborn hero has a learning curve, it all depends on your own skill level and how fast you pick up stuff. However, some characters are designed with a more complex skill set. The Skill Level is a classification of how difficult it is to learn/play the character. There are 3 different skill levels:

  • Easy – These heroes play very straightforwardly.
  • Complex – These characters have ability combos you need to pay attention to in order to use them well.
  • Advanced –  These characters require the use of combos, specialized skills, or technical play to use them well.


Every Battleborn hero plays from a first-person perspective and has unique playstyle mechanics. They not only differ by looks but also by how fast they are, how high they can jump, or even if they can fly. They all have different stats on how each of them performs in the amount of Health, Power, Range, and speed.

Battleborn Marquis Mindblown

While the Battleborn heroes outperform other heroes in some departments they also have their flaws. For example, ISIC may have a very high health gauge, but he also has a very slow movement speed.  However, there are ways for ISIC to get around much quicker by using one of his special abilities.

Each character has 3 unique special abilities. These can be powerful attacks or special boosts. Once you use them they need to recharge and unlock after the countdown timer resets the skill.

You are able to use two of these from the start of the game. The third is your Ultimate ability and is unlocked after leveling your character’s Helix to level 5 (The Helix Skill Tree will be explained further down this page).

Your hero also comes equipped with a passive skill, these affect your hero’s playstyle by giving boosts or abilities when certain conditions are met.


By playing the game in story mode or multiplayer mode you will earn experience points. This will let you rank up three different leveling systems in Battleborn.  Each of these leveling systems will reward you in different ways.


Helix Skill Tree - Phoebe


All Battleborn heroes have a skill tree called Helix that you can level up during the course of a single match. The Helix extends from level 1 up to level 10. As you start at level 1 and gain experience points you are able to unlock the other tiers. In each tier, you get to choose between different skills to enhance your character’s abilities. Once you unlock level 5 you will also unlock your ultimate ability.

After each match, be it story mode or multiplayer mode, the helix will reset. There are also Mutations that you can unlock. These are new skills for your Helix, instead of having to choose between two skills you have a third option. These are highlighted on the hero profile pages in the greenish color: MUTATION 

Character Rank

By playing Battleborn a lot with one hero you will manage to level up that specific character. This is called Character Rank. With each tier, you will unlock cool new stuff for your hero of choice. Character Rank goes up to level 20.

  • Character Ranks
    1. Default Rank
    2. Rewarded a Title
    3. Rewarded a Mutation
    4. Rewarded the Red & Blue Skin
    5.  Rewarded a Mutation
    6. Rewarded a Rare Loot Pack
    7. Rewarded a Mutation
    8. Rewarded the Orange & Lime Skin
    9. Rewarded a Mutation
    10. Rewarded a Faction Loot Pack
    11. Rewarded the Pink Skin
    12. Rewarded the Final Mutation
    13. Rewarded an Epic Loot Pack
    14. Rewarded the Green & Black Skin
    15. Rewarded a Taunt.
    16. Rewarded a Faction Loot Pack for the associated character faction.
    17. Rewarded a Title and a Faction Loot Pack for the associated character faction.
    18. Rewarded a Faction Loot Pack for the associated character faction.
    19. Rewarded a Faction Loot Pack for the associated character faction.
    20. Rewarded a Title and a Faction Loot Pack for the associated character faction.

Character Mastery

Reach Rank 15 and complete all associated lore challenges:  Rewarded a Skin and a Badass Title.


As you earn experience points you can level up the character rank of the hero that you currently playing. This character rank will unlock cool new stuff for that specific hero. These can be new skins, for example, Benedict’s basic green Peacekeeper outfit will have a Captain America look.   Another way to customize your hero is to give them new taunts, these are short animations that you can use to mock your opponent after killing them in an online battle. You can outfit your character with gear that you gain during your playtime. These pieces of gear boost your hero and make them a real champion.

Unique Abilities

  • Benedict: Can double jump and glide
  • Caldarius:  Small truster jumps
  • El Dragón: Can perform a Slide Attack
  • Kleese:  Is less affected by gravity can can jump higher al falls slower.
  • Mellka: Can perform a Slide Attack
  • Montana: Strong Off-hand Melee that knocks back enemies.
  • Pendels: Is only visible when he attacks.
  • Shayne & Aurox: The demon companion is your shield.
  • Thorn: Jumps higher than any other character.
  • Toby: Has 3 recharging jet boosters on his Mech

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