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Episode 1: The Algorithm

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 1 The Algorithm

Mission Outline

ISIC has seized control of Fort Ocoban – an old UPR mining colony on the ice moon of Bliss – where he plans to strike the killing blow against the cosmos, and free all sentient life from the cruel mockery they call existence. To do this, he’ll need Ocoban’s considerable energy reserves to process the Algorithm: a program that ISIC believes can crash the universe itself.


Planet: Blizz
Mission Type: Raid
Boss 1: H3NCHM4N
Boss 2: Geoff
Boss 3: ISIC Magnus

Battleborn Episode 01   The Algorithm

Help the Peacekeepers with icy moons, crazy robots and universe-bending math!

Ghalt: A rogue Magnus AI has seized control of one of their old Bliss settlements, and they’ve called us to help clear it out.
Kleese: Psh! Nothing we can’t handle. Apropos of nothing, did the UPR mention a name?
Ghalt: Yeah, actually. ISIC.
Kleese: Oh! Well then, heh! We’re all going to die! Lovely.

Loot Guide

How to find the HIDDEN Chests in The Algorithm - Battleborn Loot Guide

The Algorithm Overview Map

Battleborn Story Mission - The Algorithm Overview MapHidden Loot Crates

H3NCHM4N - Battleborn Eps 1 The Algorithm Boss Run

Early in the mission you will have to drop down at the vents. After taking down some mobs the H3NCHM4N will spawn. Protected by an energy shied he will try to take you down by shooting at you. If you manage to take down his shield he will go into a down state. This is a good moment to boost your score or take him down.  After taking down half of his health gauge he  will create a copy of himself. Use range and hide behind cover when he attacks. He will fire energy bolts which slow you and can will do massive damage if they hit you. You can shoot these orbs out of the air before they hit you. Buying a drone on the upper floor can provide some back up. These can help you slow or attack the H3NCHM4N, but can also function as a source of impact for those nasty energy bolts.

Legendary Gear

The H3NCHM4N is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 1 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 1 more for Advanced difficulty.

Geoff - Battleborn Eps 1 The Algorithm Boss Run

Geoff is a Sentry bot that refers to himself as “Arachnis the king of spiders”. This boss fight is staged into 3 fases.  With each new fase Geoff will get some upgrades that allow him to do different attacks. As you take down a third of his health Geoff will get a shield and will jump inside one of the two buildings to receive firmware upgrades (which tast like copper) from ISIC. Inside these buildings the player has to stand on a few shard activation panels to activate the fumigation system to smoke out Geoff with lethal poison. You as the player will also take damage over time from the poison, so activate the panel nearest to the exit as last. Activating the other panels can be tricky as you will be attacked by Geoff in the second building. Some heroes can use their cloak to activate these panels other heroes need to trick Geoff. Geoff has a relative slow turning animation, if you walk around him he will follow you but can’t keep up. This gives you just enough time to activate one of the panels. Outside Geoff will spawn minion robots, takes these out when they try to flank you. The self-destruct minions can be pushed back with the offhand melee attack. Watch out for the red spider webs on fase 2 and the additional turrets at fase 3.

Legendary Gear

Geoff is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 1 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 1 more for Advanced difficulty.

Galactic Emperor - Battleborn Eps 1 The Algorithm Boss Run

The Galactic Emperor is a mid boss that you will encounter just before you can enter ISIC’s lair. He will try to  pull you with an energy wave and shoot icy stuff at you. The Galactic Emperor  will occasionally hide underground and summon smaller minion versions of himself. As the Galactic Emperor is berried he will throw up rocks that will release these minions. If you take down these rocks before they hit the ground the minion wont spawn. As you have fight off this minion wave the Emperor will resurface. Before you can attack him he will protect himself inside an ice rock  and regain his health back over time. The faster you break him free the less health he restores. Watch out during this stage of the fight the Galactic Emperor will attack with spikes from under the ground.

Legendary Gear

Galactic Emperor is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 1 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 1 more for Advanced difficulty.

ISIC Magnus - Battleborn Eps 1 The Algorithm Boss Run

In order to take out ISIC Magnus you have to destroy one of his legs once the shield protecting it opens up. Destroying one of his legs wil cause ISIC to expose his power core for a brief moment. As the core will drop in the center, ISIC is vulnerable for critical hits. Set your self up to be able to use your special abilities to enhance your damage output for this moment.

At the start of this fight focus your attacks on a single leg. If you have a hero with ranged  attacks walk back while firing at the leg. When ISIC rushes you and you have hit the wall make a turn and keep walking backwards. As your focus point might have passed through the wall have some patience, ISIC will turn this leg toward you and you can continue walking backwards while attacking the leg. If ISIC resets at the center match up with your focus point and repeat the strategy.

ISIC will jump around, his impact zone will be highlighted. Occasionally he will shoot energy bolts which can be shot out of the air or dodges by walking around. ISIC also creates shockwaves which you can jump over and from time to time he will spawn minions.

When ISIC has 1/4 of his life left he will lose his walker unit and start flying around. This form will knock  you into the air as he will flyby and attack you with energy beams. Watch your mini-map for his location relevant to you. Keep en eye on him so you can attack him. Some melee heroes should switch over to their secondary attacks as these have some more range to them and ISIC can be hard to attack at this point.

Legendary Gear

ISIC Magnus is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 2 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.

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