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Episode 2: The Void’s Edge

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 2 The Void's Edge

Mission Outline

Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss with your favorite Spider Sentry Buddy and doomsday device, Wolfy! In order to stop a Varelsi portal from consuming the last solar system in the universe, you must airdrop a doomsday device and guide it into the portal to destabilize and destroy it.


Planet: Blizz
Mission Type: Escort
Boss 1: Warlord Nix
Boss 2: Conservator

Episode 2: The Void’s Edge

Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss! Extra Wolf Sentry included!

Loot Guide

Episode 2: The Void’s Edge

The Void’s Edge Overview Map

Battleborn Story Mission - The Void's Edge Overview Map

The Void’s Edge has a lot of random gear chest spawn locations. But it comes down to 3 loot chest per playthrough. This is indicated on the map my the 3 different colors on the gear. If it didn’t spawn on one  location it spawned on one of the other locations of the corresponding color.

Warlord Nix

Warlord Nix is a giant Thrall, and a sub-boss in the mission The Void’s Edge. He appears to be a special favorite of Rendain.

Just before your encounter with Warlord Nix you have to activate a beacon. This sets you up on a higher platform for the battle against Warlord Nix. Playing a ranged hero gives you an advantage as you can poke the boss from above without having to drop down. Warlord Nix is now less likely to call in teleport anchors for reinforcements making your fight a lot easier. Watch out for Brutes as they will spawn in at the beginning of the battle and will run across the map to reach your location. So watch your back by checking the mini-map for incoming brutes.  If you are forces to go down to engage Warlord Nix take down the teleport anchors to prevent more enemies spawning onto the battlefield. If you need heals during this battle don’t farm all the chests on your first pass through this area. Need some help fighting off all the baddies save some shards for an assault drone which can be bought on the other side of the  ‘arena’.

Legendary Gear

Warlord Nix is able to drop some legendary gear.He has 1 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 1 more for Advanced difficulty.

Varelsi Conservator

The Conservator battle has several stages. With each stage the boss can take a specific amount of damage. If this condition is met the Conservator will become immune to damage and will trigger an event.

Event 1 –  The Conservator will call in Varelsi to shield him making him invulnerable to any source of damage. Check the mini-map to see were they are to take them out. The Conservator will emmit a dark energy nova that slowly consumes the arena.

Event 2 – The Conservator will transport you to the void were you will encounter lots of Varelsi. Long range heroes should back up and keep strafing. Take down the  Varelsi Marksman first as they can shoot you from a distance. The Varelsi Skulk aren’t that fast because they act like zombies. Taking down enough Varelsi, see energy bar on top of the screen, will trigger the event that sends you back to the fight against the main boss.

Event 3 – This functions like the first event but more and stronger Varelsi enemies will be on the battlefield. Skulk you can kinda ignore, but watch out for the Berserkers (strong) and  Scaven (fast). If the Conservator gets shielded watch your mini-map for the Varelsi providing his overshield. This time around more Varelsi will teleport in to shield the Conservator. While most of them are in close proximity of each other, make sure you pick the  singled out one first.

Buying an attack drone helps out put damage and functions as a decoy for incoming fire.

Legendary Gear

The Varelsi Conservator is able to drop some legendary gear. It has 2 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.

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