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Episode 3: The Renegade

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 3 The Renegade

Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!

In hopes of recruiting the Jennerit Gladiator and former prisoner Caldarius, you set out to defend him while he recharges his suit. His Jailer’s are after him, and so you must defend a series of power stations from thralls to recharge Caldarius.

Planet: Blizz
Mission Type: Defend
Boss: Jailer Hylis

Battleborn Episode 03   The Renegade

Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!

The Renegade Overview Map

Battleborn Story Mission - The Renegade Overview Map

The Renegade has multiple of random gear chest spawn locations. But it comes down to 3 loot chest per playthrough. This is indicated on the map my the 3 different colors on the gear. If it didn’t spawn on one  location it spawned on one of the other locations of the corresponding color.

Jailer Hylis

Jailer Hylis is a giant Thrall equipped with a mini-gun. Hylis can also shoot rockets that home into you when he points his mini-gun toward the sky. You will encounter him after the final wave of enemies wen Caldarius is finished recharging his batteries. In order to take down Jailer Hylis you first have to take down his two helpers. These two Thrall brutes will supply Hylis with an energy shield that protects him from any incoming damage. After taking down the shield the fight kinda continues like the battle against Warlord Nix during the mission “The Void’s Edge”. You are able to take down Jailer Hylis before he makes his way outside. If the battle does take place on the deck watch out that you don’t get knocked off.

Legendary Gear

Jailer Hylis is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 2 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.


  1. oh gosh so many. for one, it’s my favorite to play with isic because it’s the best “tower defense” in t… https://t.co/WP1s8J0umH

  2. All Kleese group defending the final point not needing to fire a single shot because our rifts killed everything the moment it spawned.

  3. I always find new small details in this one and the assorted passive thrall that pop up always gives me… https://t.co/SlG8Cbww4H

  4. One time I was playing this mission with a friend and he accidentally crashed the game at the end of th… https://t.co/GJcTVcDbtG

  5. Its one of the few maps where I really killed it with Gal
    Good map for swords in general

  6. Getting killed by caldarius when he breaks out XD

  7. Playing Phoebe and hearing all her lines for Caldarius!

  8. The voice-over dialogue outside the first power plant is fun – and thralls trying to break in through the upper windows at the final installation struck me as neat wrinkle.

  9. Pretinding to be Gandalf and deny access through the doors at last area of the mission. I have had so much fun with that.

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