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Episode 4: The Archive

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 4 The Archive

Mission Outline

Rendain is attacking the Eldrid archive and burning down the area. Help out Mellka to  guide a sentry unit to collect and secure  the biggest and oldest data library in the universe.

  1. Activate the Sentry Unit
  2. Guide & protect the Sentry Unit
  3. Rendezvous with Mellka
  4. Guide & protect Data Minions
  5. Guide & protect the Sentry Unit
  6. Fight off Gunhulk


Planet: Ekkunar
Mission Type: Escort
Boss: Gunhulk

Episode 4: The Archive

Tree-hugging fun for lovers of literacy in the burining jungles of Ekkunar!

Battleborn Story Mission - The Archive Overview Map


Gunhulk is the Varelsi boss you encounter at the end of the mission “The Archive”. In order to take him down you have to have a lot of shards as this boss battle requires you to build a lot of turrets. There are some small shard clusters present at the boss battle that will respawn, but going to the boss while packing some shards is a lot of help. You need to buy these turrets in order to take down Gunhulk’s shield. Kleese will notify you when the shield goes down, this gives you a brief moment to land some ranged fire on the boss before he jumps into a portal. After breaking his shield he will resurface at other points  of the arena and occasionally drops in the center of the map where you can ambush him. Gunhulk’s attacks can have a huge knock back. If you are playing a hero with ranged attacks this boss can be pretty easy as Gunhulk will engage the NPC Mellka as she will go into close combat. During the fight some small Varelsi enemies will spawn in near your turrets to take them out. Fight them off if the turrets are shooting at the boss. A repair drone that can be bought in the center of the arena to keep your turrets op and running. You can also choose to get a temporal drone to slow enemies to buy yourself some more timeIf to take them out. Normally i’ll go for the assault drone as these help you attack the Varelsi troops and the boss. When Gunhulk as 1/4 health left your turrets will disappear as he won’t be shielding himself anymore.

Legendary Gear

Gunhulk is able to drop some legendary gear. It has 2 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.

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