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Episode 6: The Experiment

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 6 The Experiment

Mission Outline

Who says dwarves aren’t smart? Help Boldur reserach “all the things” at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar.

This mission is composed of multiple wave-fights all in the same area and one Boss-Fight. During all these fights, you have to defend different cores:

  1. Defend the Experiment
  2. Defend the Backup-Power Generator
  3. Defend the Experiment
  4. Kill Atem (Defend the Experiment against him)
  5. Defend the Transmission
  6. Defend the Experiment

During Stages 3, 4 and 6 you have to defend the same object. This goes as far as the object sharing a health bar during the entire fight, meaning that damage done to the cores transfers over.


Planet: Ekkunar
Mission Type: Defense
Boss 1: Superviser Antem
Boss 2:
The Conservator

Episode 6: The Experiment

Who says dwarves aren’t smart? Help Boldur research “all the things” at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar.

Supervisor Antem is a Sentry bot . He will jump from place to place during your battle against him. Each time he will try to launch an airstrike at your defense point and each time he will have some new way to shut you out. The first encounter is just a plain one, but later on you will need to by pass his shield or turrets. Personally i liked the one where he pops out those explosive  droids , you have to bash them back at the sentry with your offhand melee attack to lower his shield.

Legendary Gear

The Supervisor Antem is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 1 legendary drop specific for Normal difficulty  and 1 more for Advanced difficulty.

During the end of the mission you get another encounter with a Conservator. Nothing much to say about it now, it died very quickly for me. No shield boosting stuff or other dimensions.  Dodge the dark magic orbs.

Legendary Gear

The Conservator is able to drop some legendary gear. It has 2 legendary drops specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.

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