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Episode 8: The Heliophage

Battleborn Story Mode Episode 8 The Heliophage

Mission Outline

In the Heliophage you will be taking the fight to Rendain while all the faction are fighting the Jennerit in low orbit. When you start you will fighting to control a portal but you need to destroy the power shards stopping it and you have to do it in 23 minutes or Rendain will open the warp gate and end the universe. Then rush back to the portal. When you activate it you will be teleported to a place in the dark/Varelsi Space. Then Rendain will give a monologue about how you would rather die some place bright then rush to where the Battleborn are and tell them to show him their resolve then you can start to fight him . When his shield runs out he will open a portal and say he plans on winning and pride won’t stop him he will be able to be seen watching you fight 3 waves of bosses he spawns. Then when all waves of 2 bosses are done he will come and face you part way though his health he will begin calling warp pillars to spawn thralls.


Planet: Tempest
Mission Type: Raid
Boss 1: Lothar Rendain

Episode 8: The Heliophage

Fight for the Universe as you confront Rendain on Tempest


The fight against Lothar Rendain is setup in different stages, just like the environment you fight him in. The level is made out of small chunks of the different worlds you came across. But the fight will also recap on some of the bosses you have encountered during the story mode episodes. While the battle starts of with a fight against Rendain he will pull back from the battle and will summon one boss after the other. If you successfully defeated them Rendain will come back to finish the fight. Rendain is the hardest boss to defeat as he has a silence ability that will disable all your skills. Also during the fight he will spawn mobs of Thrall on each section of the map. These will be summoned after a while if you manage to kill them.

Legendary Gear

Lothar Rendain is able to drop some legendary gear. He has 2 legendary drops specific for Normal difficulty  and 2 more for Advanced difficulty.

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