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Ernest - Battleborn Character Profile Page

Ernest UPR Battleborn Character


NAME: Ernest Igrin
FACTION: Peacekeepers
ROLE: Defender
WEAPON: UPR-G73 Grenade Launcher
TALENT: Detonator
SKILL 1: Power Egg
SKILL 2: Explosive Charge
PASSIVE: Direct Hit


Territorial Pusher Complex
Health: 1199
Health Regeneration: 0
Shield: 300
Shield Regeneration: +60/Second
Shield Regeneration Delay: 5 Seconds

About Ernest

LOGO UNITED PEACEKEEPING REPUBLICSErnest, like his fellow Aviants Toby and Benedict, loves blowing stuff up. But instead of glory and vengeance like his feathren (feathered brethren, just let me have this), he fights for honor and duty to the soldiers at his side. Ernest is one of the UPR’s premiere demolitions experts and a brilliant tactician known for his “outside the box” approach, exploiting foes’ weaknesses with well-placed, well-timed explosive ordnance.

  • Ernest Early Access: August 25 starting at 9am PT for all regions
  • Ernest Official Release: September 1 at 9 am PT for all regions.
  • Unlock requirement: 47,500 in-game credits or season pass.


  • Development Name: Bombirdier
  • Character Concept: 
  • Character Designer: 
  • Character Concept Artist: 
  • Voice: Scott Frerichs




Ernest Weapon - UPR-G73 Grenade LauncherUPR-G73 Grenade Launcher:

Ernest’s trademark UPR Grenade Launcher launches explosive canisters that detonate on impact with an enemy or after a short delay.

Primary Attack: 100


Ernest Talent - DetonatorDetonator:

Ernest’s Detonator can be used to detonate deployed Explosive Charges or switch between Power Egg modes.


Ernest Ability - Power EggPower Egg:

Deploys a beacon that imparts bonuses to allies in range.

  • Attack Mode boosts attack speed by 25%
  • Defense Mode reduces damage taken by 15%.

Cooldown: 18 seconds

Ernest Ability - Explosive ChargeExplosive Charge:

Heave an explosive charge that sticks to the world and enemies. Detonates upon activation of Ernest’s Detonator, dealing 208 damage to enemies in range.

Cooldown: 12 seconds

Ernest Ultimate Ability - Mine Grid[ULTIMATE] Mine Grid:

Deploys a grid of mines that explode on contact with an enemy, dealing 108 damage each.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Ernest Passive Ability - Direct Hit[PASSIVE] Direct Hit:

Grenades that directly hit an enemy deal 30% additional damage to the hit target.

During the course of a gameplay session your Battleborn will earn experience points by  taking down enemies or complete challenges.  By earning enough XP Points your Hero will level up and gets presented a choice between two different augmentations  in the Helix skill tree. Per level you can only choose one of these skills to enhance your character’s abilities.

Ernest’s Helix  skill trees:




    While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants a movement speed boost to allies in range. +30% Movement Speed


    Explosive Charges push enemies and Ernest away from the blast when detonated.



    While in Defense Mode, Power Egg slows enemies in range. -30% Movement Speed


    While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants an attack damage boost to allies in range. +10% Damage

  • NEVER STOP SHOOTING (Unlock Rank 3)

    While in Attack Mode, Power Egg grants a reload speed bonus to allies in range. +20% Reload Speed



    Increases Grenade Launcher magazine size. +2 Grenades


    Direct Hit will now trigger when impacting enemies after a single bounce on the ground.

  • BOMB SUIT (Rank Unlock 12)

    Grants a damage reduction bonus against area-of-effect damage. +35% Damage Reduction



    Detonating an Explosive Charge will also detonate any other deployed Explosive Charges in range.


    Increases the maximum number of Explosive Charges that can be active on the battlefield at once. +2 Active Charges



    Direct Hit wounds enemies caught in the blast for a brief time. +1 Second Wound Duration


    Direct Hit reduces Explosive Charge’s cooldown by 2 Seconds per Hit.

  • THE OL’ RAZZLE-DAZZLE (Unlock Rank 5)

    Direct Hit marks enemies. Direct Hit deals increased damage to marked enemies, consuming the mark. +15% Damage



    Increases Power Egg’s health. +100% Power Egg Health


    Deployed Explosive Charges reveal nearby enemies and automatically detonate if the target remains within range for 0.5 seconds.

  • SECONDARY STRIKE (Rank Unlock 7)

    A mortar shell rains down 3 seconds after an Explosive Charge detonates, damaging enemies in range. +208 Damage



    Increases Grenade Launcher attack speed. +15% Attack Speed


    Increases Grenade Launcher reload speed. +25% Reload Speed



    Adds a defensive shield to Power Egg’s Defense and Attack Mode. +450 Maximum Shield Strength


    Increases the damage reduction boost imparted by Power Egg’s Defense Mode. +10% Damage Reduction

  • ROTTEN EGG (Rank Unlock 9)

    While in Attack Mode, Power Egg damages enemies in range every 1.5 seconds. +135 Damage Per Pulse



    Increases Explosive Charge’s blast radius. +25% Area of Effect Radius


    Increases damage dealt by Explosive Charge. +15% Damage



    Enemies damaged by Mine Grid mines are slowed for a brief time. +3 Second Slow Duration


    Each Mine Grid mine that damages an enemy increases the damage dealt by subsequent mine explosions. +10% Damage per Mine Hit


Ernest Guides by the Community


Ernest Tips

  • Ernest is a fantastic wave clear character. Use him to push lanes and to drive enemy lanes back to the scrap-heap.
  • Ernest’s ultimate can be used to chase enemy characters away or stall out the enemy minion wave. Use it for whatever situation you see fit.
  • Ernest’s escapes are built in to his helix choices! Choose carefully!
  • Ernest is a damage dealing character, but he’s not a character that you should be primarily chasing kills with.
  • Placing your Ernest egg around structures, pillars, or general terrain can help keep it hidden and safe. Learn good egg positioning, as certain placements can help your team push the enemy.
  • Fight or Flight? With Ernest’s escapes built into his helix choices, it’s often better to try and run if you get caught by an enemy.
  • Ernest can be built using attack damage or ability power – but his strongest choice is reload speed. Faster reload speed will give you more uptime on your grenades.
  • Ernest’s satchel charge can reveal characters like Pendles. However, this is a helix choice, so only use it if you have to.
  • try to stay in the back line and spam them enemy team from far away while not taking damage yourself
  • your grenades have great wave clear potential due to the splash damage take out as many minion waves as possible


Images / Screenshots / Artwork


Quick Ernest Preview Introduction


Firstlook at Ernest’s Skins & Taunts


Lore Challenges

  • The Demobird
    Deal 10,000 damage to enemies with Ernest’s Explosive Charge before it hits the ground.
  • Fellowship of the Flightless
    Complete 3 matches while on the same team as Toby.
  • Grenades and You
    Score 100 direct hits with Ernest’s grenade launcher
  • Wings of Valor
    Fire 500 grenades while under the effects of Power Egg’s Attack Mode.
  • RE: Worthless Pukes
    Deal 25,000 damage to other Peacekeepers.


Ernest’s legendary gear is rewarded to the player when all lore challenges are completed.

Ernest Lore

Wings of Valor

(Inscription upon the face of the plaque award to Sgt. Ernest Igrin for his actions during the ill-fated evacuation of Menneck-B.)
For his valor in defense of his homeworld against Varelsi assault;
For his bravery in securing the safety of 324 souls at the risk of his own life;
For his tireless and commendable service to his planet and his people;
MSCB Command hereby awards SGT. ERNEST IGRIN with the Menneck Wings of Valor.

The Demobird

|| UPR LOGBOOK / REPORT, ENTRY #2235904728
|| USER: Captain Trevor Ghalt
|| SUBJECT: Demolitions Candidate
|| DATE: y.19946, d.18

The disastrous evacuations at Menneck may have been one of the UPR’s greatest failures, but I’ll be damned if the system’s heroes didn’t rise to the occasion. Case in point: Sgt. Ernest Igrin, one of Menneck-B’s premiere demolitions experts, and by far one of the most decorated candidates to cross my desk. This aviant’s got a service record a mile long, and unlike Benedict, he’s pretty well-regarded by his peers and reports alike.

And best of all, Ernest’s a born leader. He spent most of his time prior to the Darkening of Menneck building special weapons teams and training new recruits in explosives handling and bomb defusal, and earned himself a reputation as one of the hardest, most disciplined instructors of his generation. According to his record, he defied his commanding officer’s orders to evacuate with his squad just hours before Menneck was darkened, rallied a couple of extra pairs of hands, and blasted his way through a collpased subway tunnel to free over 300 civilians trapped inside.

Gonna keep my eye on this one. We could use a demolitions expert, and hell, maybe he’ll have better luck whipping Benedict into shape than I did — or at least get him to tone it down a notch or two.

Fellowship of the Flightless


(Voicemail delivered to Toby’s inbox on-board the Nova following their recruitment as Battleborn. Audio attached, transcript below.)
Toby. Ernest here. Being that we’re gonna be squaddies for the forseeable future, I want to tell you a little story about yours truly.

As you know, Aviants come in all shapes and sizes, but we, as feathered fellows, generally get lumped into two categories: the flyers, and the flightless. That’s been the line drawn in the sand since time immemorial, and as a fellow flightless fella, it’s been a thorn in my backside since I was hatched. Seems like you’ve been suffern’ under the same indignation.

But I’m here to tell you, solider: us flightless type? We’re carved outta woood. We had to work twice as hard, hustle twice as fast, and be twice as smart as our airborne counterparts. We’re the underdog. Bird! Underbird.

And that’s been the fire under this old soldier’s ass since the day he entered the service — and you got that same fire, kid. Under your ass! And in your heart! And in, uh, your, uh… colorful language.

But a soldier’s gotta own that fire, Toby. You gotta hold it in your hands — uh, flippers! You’ve got flippers — you hold it in your flippers and you forge it into something more!

So what if you can’t fly?! You’ve got a propellant that beats the everlovin’ pants offa wings — a propellant that’ll launch you screaming into the stratosphere. That propellant? That’s fire! This metaphor’s extremely over-extended, but you get my drift, right? Right.

Listen up, Toby! Asshats like Benedict are always gonna rule the skies. I say let ’em. They don’t got the heart that we do. They don’t got the fire. Don’t you ever lose that. If you do, I will PERSONALLY beat it back into you. Am I kidding? Do you REALLY want to find out? I think not!

Grenades and You

(Excerpted transcript from UPR training materials created during Ernest’s tenure as an instructor, entitled “UPR-TR-A7: Grenades and You”. Ernest addresses a fresh batch of recruits and imparts some wisdom on the 40mm grenade canister.)
Eyes up, recruits! This is a 40-millimeter grenade. And it’s a very special grenade. Anybody care to guess why?

(No response.)

Because it’s YOURS!

You’re gonna keep this grenade till it grows up. It’s gonna get bullied, it’s gonna endure several rites of passage, and you’ll see it through every step of the way as a proud grenade mom and/or dad.

You’ll take it to grenade school and get it acquainted with brand new grenade friends in litle league. You’ll take gobs of pictures of your little bundle of joy. And where are you going to keep those pictures? In your WALLET! Or FRAMED on a MANTELPIECE! The choice is yours, maggots!

Right now it’s just a pile of powder and iron, but when it’s ready to be fired at the nearest unsuspecting hostile? It’s gonna become something MORE!

RE: Worthless Pukes

|| TO: Cpt. Trevor Ghalt
|| FROM: Sgt. Ernest Igrin
|| SUBJECT: RE: Worthless Pukes

Captain Ghalt! Sgt. Igrin reporting!

First! I wish to express my gratitude for bringing me into the fold. It’s a mighty fine fold. Well… mostly fine fold. Second! Per your request, I’ve worked up readiness evaluations on all of your recruits. If I may speak freely, Captain: these are the sorriest, saddest excuses for soldiers as I’ve ever encountered, and if this is what we’re putting up against the Jennerit and the Varelsi, I’m afraid we’re screwed. Screwed beyond reckoning. Unless we do something about it.

If you want to get these worthless pukes whipped into shape on the double, I’ve got a training regimen that just might do the trick. Fair warning: boot camp with Sgt. Igrin is the kind of nightmare that’ll make the Varelsi look like sleepy kittens by comparison.

I am not kind.
I am not friendly.
But I AM effective.

I can’t promise that everyone will make it through. Hell, I can’t even promise they’ll survive. But if this outfit of yours is to stand any chance in the wars to come, we need to pack these pukes into a blender, set that bastard to purée, and pour what’s left over into a mold that vaguely resembles a solider. That’ll get us halfway there. And what’ll make up the difference? Discipline! Courage! Fire-forged grit!

One last note: I’m going to pay special attention to Benedict. He’s no stranger to my brand of training, but apparently it didn’t take the first time around. Being that this is a matter of my record, my personal pride, Benedict’s going to be the star pupil of Camp Ernest aboard Nova. I’ll make a solider out of that arrogant ass yet — just you watch.

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