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Face off

Battleborn Multiplayer Face-Off

Alongside the first DLC Story Operation comes a FREE Competitive Multiplayer mode, Face Off!

Two teams fight against each other in a 5 versus 5 match to exterminate the invading Varelsi. Each team must coordinate between defense and offense to kill Varelsi. Upon death Varelsi drop masks, collect these and deposit them in the center of the map to score points. The first team who reaches 500 points within the 15 minute time mark wins the match. Of course killing Varelsi makes them mad so like you the Varelsi will level up  and get stronger over the course of the match. Also be ready for intense, multi-phase battles, as you will also encounter a boss battle. So pick up masks and steal them from enemy players and also be  quick to pick up masks your teammates left behind.

Face off Tips:

  • Follow the basic multiplayer guide
  • Teleporting back to base will force you to drop your masks.
  • Buy MX.Headhunter assassins to help out with battle and collecting masks.
  • If a player collects 100 or more masks, that player will get marked. Skull = Enemy, Shield = Ally.
  • Pendles doesn’t los his stealth when dropping masks at the deploy point.
  • Weak heroes can give their masks to teammates by teleporting back to base on purpose.
  • Enemy Battleborn don’t give a lot of XP, Varelsi enemies do give a lot of XP so fight those in order to level up. This way  you can protect the deploy point and score points.
  • Shard Generator Gear is very useful.
  • Have a low activation cost Gear  loadout.
  • Boss encounters happen on the 5 and 10 minute mark.
  • A boss can drop around 220 masks if you are real close, so that’s a real game changer.
  • Watch the Face Off Reveal stream by Gearbox Software with some Devs Tips.

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