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The 5 Different Battleborn Factions

The video game Battleborn has a wide variety of  characters, these selected group of heroes are called  Battleborn. They are split across five different factions.  They all have their differences but soon these fractions discover that they should put them aside in order to fight the dark foe known as the Valersi. This common enemy is behind the darkening of the stars and our Battleborn must protect the last star,Solus, and save the universe.

The factions are as follows:

  • Eldrid – The nature loving faction that strives to remain at peace
  • Jennerit Imperium –  rule others by force, valuing power above all else
  • Last Light Consortium – War profiteers made up primarily of robots
  • Peacekeepers – The sworn protectors of Solus
  • Rogue – The faction that isn’t a faction

Battleborn screenshot


A naturalistic order of observers and scientists, charged with the stewardship of the natural order of the cosmos. Long ago, the reach of the legendary Eldrid spanned entire galaxies — but as the stars themselves have faded into darkness, so too has the might of this ancient faction. As all eyes turn to Solus, what remains of the Eldrid are grappling with their place in a darkening universe as they rally in defense of the Last Star.

The Eldrid are the magic wielders in Battleborn. They stand out with their fantasy style appearance. The leaders of the faction are generally very peaceful and want to avoid war.  However, they still decided to send settlers to Ekkunar, one of the most dangerous planets in Solus.

The Eldrid are old. Really, really old. Their knowledge archives are the oldest in the universe. Compelled to understand, catalogue, and preserve the natural order of things, they would be happy to be left alone and quietly conduct their observation-based research. When the Varelsi or Jennerit start bending the rules of space-time though, the Eldrid are anything but peaceful.

The Eldrid value the natural universe and spend great deals of time – and resources – observing, preserving, and cataloging all that they find. Spreading out across the universe, the Eldrid centered their seat of power on the planet, Codex, the home to massive data troves – a planet-spanning repository of all the knowledge from around the universe, encoded into the very DNA structure of the planet’s massive eliim trees.

The Eldrid are chiefly concerned with maintaining the natural order of the universe – the birth and death of stars, the probabilistic rise of life and complexity, and yes, even entropy. They fiercely oppose anything that would disrupt that order, up to and including other factions’ efforts to save (or destroy) Solus. The Eldrid despise any being or thing which corrupts or distorts the core rules and laws of the universe. The Varelsi, in many ways, are the epitome of everything the Eldrid hate, and the Eldrid have waged war against the dark mysterious beings for thousands of years.

Heroes of the Eldrid Faction:

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LOGO JENNERIT IMPERIUMThe mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void. But in a desperate turn to spare his people from the darkness, the warlord Lothar Rendain staged a coup to seize control of the Imperium, and aligned its destiny with that of the Varelsi. Though the Jennerit have lost much in their struggle, they remain one of the strongest military forces in Solus.

Battleborn’s Imperialist faction comes from the gothic planet of Tempist and is known as the Jennerit Empire.  They are ruled by an empress, but much of the power is held by an elite upper class called the Sustained.  The Sustained are immortal, yet they can still be killed in combat.  Most members of the Sustained gained their power through birth, but it is also possible to gain that status through the Jennerit gladiatorial arenas.  Lifelong members of the Sustained tend to assert authority over the gladiators.  They notoriously locked Caldarius in prison after he won a place amongst the elites by winning a gladiator tournament.

The Jennerit are ruthlessly pragmatic. They strive for perfection and they are not about to let something like mortality stand in their way. To that end, the Jennerit harness dark energies of the universe to twist the natural order of things as they see fit. In their bid to master life, members of the Jennerit must choose how they will use their power: Will they side with Rendain to bring the end of the universe? Or will they fight with the Battleborn to save the last star?

The Jennerit despise any race who express flaws and inefficiencies (which are, in fact, most other races). Even their own society has evolved into caste-based layers with the genetically-altered Sustained at the top, non-Sustained Jennerit just below them, and everything and everyone else below.  The Thralls are altered beasts who have been given a modicum of intelligence and are widely employed as a slave race for labor and as grunt warriors.

The Jennerit are pragmatists. They are perfectionists. Anything they deem imperfect must be fixed or destroyed. If the Jennerit need to manipulate the laws of the universe in the process, so be it. As the official motto of the Jennerit Empire states: “Any Deed. Any Price.”

Heroes of the Jennnerit:

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Last Light Consortium

LOGO LAST LIGHT CONSORTIUMThe mostly-cybernetic LLC is the greatest economic power left in the universe, defined by a relentless pursuit of profit, no matter the cost. Once a constituent body of the United Peacekeeping Republics, the LLC abandoned the coalition when it became clear that principles and purpose did little to contribute to the bottom line. Owns and operates Minion Robotics, the largest weapons manufacturer still standing.

The Last Light Consortium (or L.L.C. for short) is a collection of corporations that makes their money off of war profiteering.  They produce weapons and sell them to all of the other factions, regardless of any type of .  They also control the minion service, Minion Robotics.  Most members of the L.L.C. are robots, but there are a few remaining human members, most of whom are very wealthy.

The LLC  are the aristocratic merchant class of the galaxy at the end of the universe. They are the money and manufacturing arm of …well, everything that is left. They are makers, and bankers, and entertainers, and traders, and sellers, and inventors, and war profiteers. Their ingenuity is only surpassed by their desire to turn a profit.

The LLC are comprised of dozens of guilds and corporations — with the most notable of these being Minion Robotics. In a universe where combatants are running low, Minion Robotics positioned itself to become the “premier provider of custom-built – and cost effective – war machines for every need in the modern military campaign.” They have become the dominant, if not monopolistic, crafter of death-dealing droids, ships, and weapons. Their products (including minions, sentries, and buildable battlefield augmentations) are in high demand from every corner of the rapidly-shrinking universe.

Profit, luxury, and invention are behind every LLC initiative. In fact, they are so incredibly wealthy that they value excessive demonstrations of that wealth, favoring overly-stylish design in every facet of daily living, from dress to their machines of war. It is the ultimate realization of corporate culture and unchecked capitalism – and, to them, it’s glorious.

Heroes of the Last Light Consortium:

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LOGO UNITED PEACEKEEPING REPUBLICSA collection of civilizations banded together under the banner of mutual protection, freedom, and equality, the nomadic UPR – like the other factions – now find themselves in Solus with no home to call their own. Though recently crippled by the secession of one of their strongest constituents, the Last Light Consortium, the UPR remains nonetheless committed to their idealistic sense of justice.

The United Peacekeeping Republic or in short the UPR are the Peacekeepers. They are the sworn protectors of Solus and doe this by enforcing a very heavy draconian law.  They are battle hardened veterans with a sense of camaraderie.  Based on the revealed characters so far, they seem to rely on firearms more than the other factions do. These are more your basic FPS (First Person Shooter) type of characters.

The United Peacekeeping Republics is a coalition of space-faring civilizations united under one banner: Fighting the Varelsi. Built from surviving intergalactic democratic societies, the Peacekeepers take it upon themselves to protect all sentient beings incapable of defending themselves.

The Peacekeepers are well-rounded, well-trained and ready to fight. At their roots, though, Peacekeeper forces are a surprisingly diverse group of characters. What started as a ragtag fleet of survivors has transformed into a battle-hardened military fleet. Most importantly, despite wildly differing backgrounds, Peacekeepers stand united by an overwhelming sense of honor and a mission to answer the call of duty.

As the military arm of the UPR, the Peacekeepers wield the latest and most powerful conventional arms ever created. Front line fighters, bullet-belching miniguns, short-range shotgunners, air support – it’s their belief that a combination of guns, grenades and guts will win the day.

Heroes of the Peacekeepers:

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LOGO ROGUESThe unaffiliated free peoples of Solus, colloquially known as the Rogues: misfits, renegades, and survivalists answering to no one. The Rogues make their home in the Detritus Rings, far from the squabbling of the other factions – but they too will have a part to play in determining the fate of the Last Star.

The Rogues is the faction that isn’t a faction.  They have no type of official command, and they don’t really work together.  The Rogues are made up of smugglers, pirates, and salvagers that are all just interested in own well being.

The Rogues are the truest form of outcasts, rejects and wanderers from every civilization and walk of life. The Rogues are “people without affiliations.” They are vagabonds, pirates, raiders, mercenaries, hermits –beings who value personal freedom over anything else. For some Rogues, that freedom means a life of freeing possessions from other people. For other Rogues, it just means living in isolation, free from the rules, restrictions, and conflict of the rest of the universe.

Rogues love to deal in rare artifacts and black market power. Across the Solus system, many of the planets are troves of Aztanti relics –powerful remnants of a long-abandoned civilization. Most of these artifacts hold great and mysterious power, and are highly sought after by high bidders amongst the other factions. If you can get past the sentinels to claim them, that is.

Not every Rogue is a criminal – certainly there are a few who just want to be left alone – but most Rogues value freedom and pleasure, sometimes in that order.

Heroes of the Rogues faction:

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