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Battleborn Multiplayer Incursion

March your minions into enemy territory, make your way to their two Sentry bots – then destroy them! Getting there is the tricky part. The other team is aiming to do the same exact thing. So the game quickly becomes a balancing act of defending your turf and escorting waves of minions on the assault.

Incursion Game Mode Mechanics:

  • Minions will spawn in waves, each wave will commence every minute. This will happen on the 30:00, 29:00, 28:00 mark. A minion spawn takes a few seconds to complete.
  • The big Shards will spawn after two minutes at the 28:00 mark. They will continue to respawn after two minutes of being destroyed.

Incursion Tips:

  • Follow the basic multiplayer guide
  • Your main priority is guiding your minions to the sentry bots.  You need the additional fire power to take down the sentry’s shield.
  • The shepard bot can grant overshields to nearby allied bots and players, prioritize the Shepard bot and kill them first!
  • Farm shards when you’re not pushing the lane. Use those shards to build turrets to help defend ground and wipe minion waves, and build super minions to strengthen your push.
  • Minions drop shards if you destroy them.
  • When the opposing team is waiting to respawn take the advantage and make a push .
  • Hire those Thralls! Lurking on the sides of the map are capturable points that will allow you to hire hulking Thrall mercenaries who will join your team and fight alongside you.
  • Every player standing on a thrall pad when it is captured will receive 100 xp.
  • Taking out the sentry adds time to your death timer. Beware of pushbacks, or if yours was taken down, kill some people and take advantage.
  • It’s possible to break the leg armor off the sentries to reveal a weak spots that you can crit. There are a total of 6 spots and each one lasts for about 1/3 to 1/2 it’s health in damage.
  • If a minion plants to hit your sentry quick melee it to prevent it from latching on then kill it.
  • Characters that have poor wave clear should remember that a purchased elite bot can clear a wave solo easily for the cost of 600 shards.
  • When one sentry goes down, respawn timers increase for the team that took down the sentry. If you’re losing, try to take advantage of this as your chance to comeback. If you’re winning, additional emphasis on the previous “don’t die.”
Battleborn Meltdown Overgrowth

Lead an Incursion through the overgrown Peacekeeper base in the jungles of Ekkunar .

Overgrowth Strategies

  • Coming soon

Overgrowth  Map Overview

Battleborn Overgrowth Large Map

Lead an Incursion in the enemy base within the Jennerit Upper City of Tempest.

Echelon Strategies

  • Coming soon

Echelon Map Overview

Battleborn Echelon Large Map


Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, has always been highly contested by those fleeing the darkened universe. All five factions have attempted settlements and bases on the planet, vying for territory and resources.

On the Monuments map, your team’s goal is to stop other factions from settling within one of the largest Aztanti settlement ruins on Ekkunar. It will be a brutal fight to gain territory and drive the other team away before they can gain a foothold among the mysterious and powerful secrets of abandoned Aztanti technology.

There are many points of interest on Monuments that hold strategic importance including…

  • There is a Skill Jump path over the middle of the map leads to your first sentry, and you’re going to want to defend this point aggressively. If left unguarded, agile enemy players can sneak in easily at this spot and get access to your sentry.
  • A high ledge overlooks the Minion lane entering your first sentry, and is a perfect place for a long-rage character to dominate. As a bonus, there’s a nearby Shard that can be farmed when your sniper isn’t raining pain down from this perch.
  • You’ll want to keep your Logistics nodes built and maintained to keep your Minion waves running at top speed.
  • Keep an eye out for a back route to sneak into your enemy’s Boss Sentry area.

Monuments hold advantages for all kinds of playstyles. As mentioned previously, the Skill Jump pillars in the middle of the map are a back flank route to the opposing team’s sentry which can be exploited by agile characters. Brawlers and other high DPS characters can shut down the Minions lane leading into their Sentry areas while your long-rage players hold the high spots. And for stealthy characters, there’s a Thrall cave under the center of the map where you can sneak in close to the enemy’s first sentry.

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