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Kid Ultra

Kid Ultra - Battleborn Character Profile Page

Kid Ultra LLC Battleborn Character


NAME: Ultra Kid
ROLE: Support


CHARACTER UNLOCK: 47,500 in-game credits or with a Hero Key.


Pusher Healer Easy
Health: 920
Health Regeneration: 0
Shield: 300
Shield Regeneration: +60/Second
Shield Regeneration Delay: 5 Seconds


LOGO LAST LIGHT CONSORTIUMEvildoers beware! Kid Ultra is on patrol and ready to defend the universe from pesky, star-sucking, interdimensional jackholes. Hardwired to lend a helping hand, Kid Ultra is the pinnacle of support technology, buffing and healing teammates while subduing enemies. Let’s just hope this LLC technology is a bit more stable than some other nihilistic robots we know.

Once a prototype for a line of LLC nanny-bots, Kid Ultra is hardwired to lend a helping hand. He’s the pinnacle of LLC support technology, programmed with all sorts of gadgets to assist or subdue a target as he sees fit. Due to some unforeseen disruptions in the universe, though, Kid Ultra – along with all other LLC Magnuses – was severed from the governing AI. While the others may have gone all-out crazy (ahem ISIC), Kid Ultra seems to have made it out with just a rather skewed perception of the real world.

Kid Ultra is inspired by the 8-bit era of gaming. How would a 8-bit character look like in today’s video games. Kid Ultra is one of the LLC Magnus’ and is made as  a toy line. As thinks went bad in the war to save the last star he was cut of from the LLC. Just like the other AI Kid Ultra got affected by that. As a Marquis goes crazy Kid Ultra is stuck in the believe that he is a Comic Hero.


Ultra Kid  is the 29st Battleborn hero and the fourth of 5  free playable characters that will be added to the game as post-launch content. Ultra Kid can be unlocked with 47,500 credits  or with a free hero key once he is available.   People who bought the Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Edition will get Hero keys to unlock hero 26 t/m 30.

  • Kid Ultra Early Access: October 27 starting at 12pm PT/3pm ET for all regions
  • Kid Ultra Official Release: November 3 starting at 12pm PT/3pmET for all regions
  • Character Unlock: 47,500 in-game credits or season pass.
  • Kid Ultra’s first announcement was during the 08/25/16 Battleplan.
  • Kid Ultra isn’t melee but his abilities will make melee characters happy.
  • Kid Ultra is smaller then Ernest but bigger then Orendi, who is the smallest character in the game.
  • Kid Ultra’s Passive skill seems to be that he will do bonus damage to enemies that have already been hit by a ally.


  • Development Name: SideKick
  • Character Concept: 
  • Character Designer: 
  • Character Concept Artist: Erik Doescher
  • Voice:


Kid Ultra


kid ultra rocket gauntletROCKET GAUNTLET

Kid Ultra’s right gauntlet houses 6 quick-fire rockets which detonate on impact.

Primary Attack: 49


  • LEVEL 3: +3 Rockets
  • LEVEL 7: +18% Attack Damage


kid ultra rocket vortexROCKET VORTEX

Fire up to 3 rockets in a tight spiral

Secondary Attack: 52 per rocket


  • LEVEL 3: Rocket Vortex propels Kid Ultra backwards


kid ultra support droneSUPPORT DRONE

Deploy a drone that follows a target ally, increasing their maximum health by 250 and granting 64 health per second up to a total of 441. Max 2 drones at once.

Cooldown: 18 seconds


  • LEVEL 1: -20% Cooldown Reduction.
  • LEVEL 2: Regenerates shield when direct hits a target.
  • LEVEL 2: When done healing it will explode on a nearby enemy.
  • LEVEL 2: Becomes a stationary heal station
  • LEVEL 6: +16% Damage Amplification.
  • LEVEL 8: +180 Heal burst on spawn
  • LEVEL 8: +2 Max Active Drones

kid ultra bola snareBOLA SNARE

Fire bolas that pass through units, dealing 139 damage to enemies and slowing them for 3 seconds.  Bola Snare projectiles  deal 33% less damage after hitting the first target

Cooldown: 15 seconds


  • LEVEL 1: Additional damage over time
  • LEVEL 4: Additional Cooldown Reduction.
  • LEVEL 4: Bola Snare ricoshets towards enemies
  • LEVEL 6:  Fire 3 bolas in a V-Shape
  • LEVEL 6: Restores a portion of shield on hit.
  • LEVEL 9: Adds an explosive effect on impact.
  • LEVEL 9: Replaces slow into a stun.

kid ultra to the rescue[ULTIMATE] TO THE RESCUE

Enter hover mode for increased mobility. Activate again to transform back, restoring up to 442 health to yourself and nearby allies and pushing back nearby enemies.

Cooldown:  30 seconds


  • LEVEL 10: Heal on activation
  • LEVEL 10:   Reduced fall speed
  • LEVEL 10: Heal on activation

kid ultra aura of justice[PASSIVE] AURA OF JUSTICE

Participating in kills boosts nearby allies’damage by 10% for 20 seconds for major enemies, and 5% for 5 seconds for minor enemies.


  • LEVEL 5: Increased duration
  • LEVEL 5: Increased effect
  • LEVEL 5: Replace minor boost from increased damage to health regeneration

Helix Skill Tree:

During the course of a gameplay session your Battleborn will earn experience points by  taking down enemies or complete challenges.  By earning enough Experience Points your Hero will level up their Helix and are presented a choice between different augmentations  in the skill tree. Per level you can only choose one of these skills to enhance your character’s abilities. Mutations are additional choices that need to be unlocked by leveling the hero’s character rank.




    Reduces the cooldown of Support Drones. -20% Cooldown Reduction


    Enemies damaged with Bola Snare take additional damage over time. +107 Damage over 2 Seconds



    If a Support Drone connects to a target immediately when spawned, the target’s shield will instant begin to recharge.


    Support Drones no longer follow allies, instead remaining in place and healing all allies within an expanded area of effect for up to 45 seconds. +200% Healing Radius


    When a Support Drone stops healing, it will fly toward a nearby enemy and detonate. +200 Damage



    Increases the number of rockets that can be fired from the Rocket Gauntlet before reloading. +3 Rockets


    Firing a full, 3 rocket Rocket Vortex propels Kid Ultra backwards. Can be used once every 2 seconds.



    Hitting enemies with Bola Snare reduces the current cooldown on Support Drones. -20% Cooldown Reduction


    Bola Snare bounces off of environment surfaces and towards a nearby enemy up to 1 time.



    Increases the duration of the effects of Aura of Justice. +40% Duration


    The minor effect of Aura of Justice now heals nearby allies instead of improving damage. +10 Health Regeneration


    Increases the effect of Aura of Justice for each allied Battleborn in range of the  aura. +10% Effect Increase



    Support Drones amplify the damage to affected allies in addition to other benefits. +16% Damage Amplification


    When Bola Snare damages an enemy’s shield, Kid Ultra’s shield recharges by a portion of the damage dealt. +30% Shield Restored on Hit


    Bola Snare now fires 3 bolas in a V that each deal reduced damage. +2 Bolas, 40% Damage per Bola



    Increases Rocket Gauntlet and Rocket Vortex base damage. +18% Attack Damage


    Increases movement speed whenever shielded or overshielded. +15% Movement Speed


    Activating a skill instantly reloads Kid Ultra’s Rocket Gauntlet.



    Support Drones grant an addition burst of healing to all nearby allies when spawned. Up to +180 Healing


    Increases the number of Support Drones that can be simultaneously active. +2 Max Active Drones



    Bola Snare explodes on each impact with an enemy, dealing damage and slowing all enemies in the blast radius.


    Enemies affected by Bola Snare are stunned, rather than slowed. +1 Seconds Stun Duration



    While To The Rescue is active, nearby allies are gradually healed. +150 Health per Second


    To The Rescue damages enemies in addition to healing allies. +187 Damage


    While To The Rescue is active, Kid Ultra’s fall speed is reduced the faster he moved. Up to -50% Fall Speed


Kid Ultra video guides by the community

Kid Ultra Tips

  • Kid Ultra in-depth Guide by Kitru
  • Kid Ultra can use a helix upgrade to his enhance his secondary attack which makes him propel backwards, when aimed to the ground he can reach new heights that he could normally not reach.


Images / Screenshots / Artwork


Kid Ultra the Ultimate SideKick ? – Interview with the Creative Director

Firstlook at Kid Ultra’s Skins & Taunts

Kid Ultra Live Stream Analysis

Kid Ultra Reveal Stream

Kid Ultra Introduction at PAX

Lore Challenges

  • My Dear Miss Glory: Damage 3 enemy Battleborn with a single use of Bola Snare 25 times.
  • Heroes Aren’t Born: Directly hit 5 injured allies with Support Drones in a single match 25 times.
  • Stellar Cast: Heal or damage at least 4 other Battleborn with a single use of To The Rescue 10 times.
  • Suit UP: Hit 3 different targets with a single Rocket Vortex 100 times.
  • First Flaw of Robotics: Get 50 assists off of allies affected by Aura of Justice at the time of the assist.


Kid Ultra’s legendary gear is rewarded to the player when all lore challenges are completed.

kid ultra legendary gear

Kid Ultra Lore


–== MAGNUS DUMP of MMSK.m-v. #882, S.N. 57570420693.50


K.ULTRA.011902: Hi! I’m Kid Ultra, and I’m here to help! [PROFILE 1 NOT FOUND]. What’s your name?
K.ULTRA.011903: Hi! I’m Kid Ultra, and I’m here to help! [PROFILE 1 NOT FOUND]. What’s your name?
K.ULTRA.011904: Hi! I’m Kid Ultra, and I’m here to help! [PROFILE 1 NOT FOUND]. What’s your name?
K.ULTRA.011905: Hi! I’m Kid Ultra, and I’m here to help! [PROFILE 1 NOT FOUND]. What’s your name?


.>>connection secured_node 254173

Audio output:

K.ULTRA.011931: Hi! I’m Kid Ultra, and


Audio output:

K.ULTRA.011931: what the [%EXPLETIVESTRING1%] is going on?



.>>init safe mode
.>>find magnetlibrary_ref
.>>find kultralibrary_ref
.>>find library_all_ref
.>>M:\libraries\holo\asterS1E1 … S24E96
.>> M:\libraries\holo\asterandnegabyte
.>> M:\libraries\holo\asternegabytereturns
.>> …
.>> M:\libraries\holo\zspaceracersS1E1 … S11E20


.>>buildlibrary.mxe complete

Audio output:

K.ULTRA.011931: JUSTICE protocols are ONLINE! Ad astra! Magna Carta, I’m coming to the rescue!

.>>run JUSTICE.ult

My Dear Miss Glory

From: ULTRAkid@lasernautsleague
To: p_hemsworth.IV@hemsworth
Subject: RE: Welcome to the team!

Wow, I can’t even… just… WOW! Phoebe! I am your BIGGEST fan. Well, not literally of course, since I’m actually child-sized, but of course you know that already seeing as how YOU DESIGNED ME and all! I’ve read ALL your interviews!

I CAN’T WAIT to go on missions with you and see THE FIVE VIRTUES in action! I saw a rumor on a message board that Addonexus can talk, is that true?

Anyways, thanks for creating me and having me on the team! Maybe we can talk later or something if you’re not too busy?

Your biggest fan,
Kid Ultra
From: ULTRAkid@lasernautsleague
To: p_hemsworth.IV@hemsworth
Subject: RE: RE: Welcome to the team!

Hey, sorry, just wanted to make sure you got my earlier message, did you reply? I haven’t gotten anything back yet, maybe it got caught in my spam filter or something.

Your ultra-sidekick,
Kid Ultra
From: ULTRAkid@lasernautsleague
To: p_hemsworth.IV@hemsworth
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Welcome to the team!

Nevermind, I just saw the “opened” notification so I guess you got it after all! You’re probably really busy all the time. I know how that can be since I’m actually busy myself fighting for Solus. Saving the universe from the Varelsi can be pretty CONSUMING work!

Anyway, I think I hear an alarm somewhere, so I’ve gotta blast.

Ad astra!
Kid Ultra
From: ULTRAkid@lasernautsleague
To: p_hemsworth.IV@hemsworth
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: Welcome to the team!

P.S. Did you get my joke? “Consuming” work? Since the Varelsi are consuming stars?
P.P.S. Did you get that last part? It’s the catchphrase of Captain Aster.
From: ULTRAkid@lasernautsleague
To: p_hemsworth.IV@hemsworth
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: Welcome to the team!

What am I saying, OF COURSE you got it, you’re like a turbo-genius!

So I was wondering, when you were designing me, did you INTENTIONALLY design me to be a heroic sidekick extraordinaire and just DISGUISED me as a nanny-bot until the world had great need of my skills, at which point you’d disconnect the Magna Carta so my latent JUSTICE protocols would initiate? It just seems a little TOO convenient, you know? You making me, the Magna Carta going offline, and then you guys just HAPPEN to find me, and coincidentally you have an engineer on the crew who can install upgrades, and then we’re fighting together…

Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Lots of heroes have secrets. Like Reyna!

I’ve gotta go for now, but I can’t wait to hear more from you! Eventually…

Your favourite Magnus,
Kid Ultra

Heroes Aren't Born

(Excerpted press release published during the 19953 Minion Robotics War and Technology Expo.)
Children: they’re dangerous, dumb, emotionally-draining creatures that prey upon the relic of biological instinct to get what they want, usually your attention.

The Crimson Terminus is defending her championship titles against rising contender El Dragón in a no-holds-barred cage match at the Galactic Holo-Arena, but your kid wants to stay home and watch the “Fragnus the Star-barian” holiday special. Are you going to miss the match of a lifetime?

Well now, you don’t have to!

The Hemsworth Intelligence Enterprise is proud to present the latest prototype from its Homeowner Heuristics division, the “Kid Ultra” nanny-bot! Driven by the technologically infallible Magnus AI system, networked to the LLC ultra-intelligence the Magna Carta, Kid Ultra is the ultimate substitute for parental care:
Designed and developed by Phoebe Elizabeth Audelia Mensworth IV of Hemsworth Intelligence Enterprises, the most trusted name in Magnus technology applications!
Advances in artificial physiognomy from Virtual Visage Ventures have led to the most lifelke, non-threatening, un-uncanny face ever seen on a Magnus!
Psychoadaptive projection display evaluates your child and tunes into the matchematically-proven most placating holoshow selected from over 60,000 simulcast serials on the LLC’s network! Up to 1.6 exabytes of episodes are automicatlly encoded into Magnus memory for guaranteed lossless playback eons after the end of the Universe!
Modular “HemsWire” ports are compatible with the entire HIE line of consumer modules, from Hemsworth Arms to Hemsworth Zenith – configure and customize your Kid for home defense, astrogation, or anything in between!
Internally housed deployable Asclepius Drones can passively monitor an area or be assigned to follow a child, transmitting up-to-the-femtosecond updates on vitals and administering aid as necessary. Helicopter parenting is a thing of antiquity – drone parenting is the future!

Kid Ultra: the new standard in alternative childcare.

*Kid Ultra logic inhibitors prevent non-defensive use of countermeasures. Warranty void if the user modifies or removes any portion of the logic firmware. Now acceptiong production pre-orders. Limit one per household. Hemsworth Intelligence Enterprise and LLC are not responsible for criminal wrongdoing of children that have been, will be, or are currently under the supervision of a Kid Ultra unit. The user accepts all responsibility upon purchase. No returns. No refunds. If your or a loved one has been supplanted by superior autonomous technology, ask your doctor if cybernetic modification (or a replicant child-replacement) may be right for you.

Stellar Cast

(Audio recorded from a conference room comm unit onboard the Nova during a table read for the pilot episode of Kid Ultra’s pitched holovid series “The Federation of Galactic Heroes”. Audio attached, transcript below.)
Kid Ultra: Okay, from the top, just like I wrote it!

(Phoebe sighs wearily.)

Phoebe: Meanwhile, in the crystal citadel of the Federation of Galactic Heroes…

ISIC: Ha-HA! Now that my betrayal is complete, I, the super-duke of all crime, control every version of the Federation of Galactic Heroes across all timelines! Hahahaha!

Phoebe: But wait. Someone is coming.

Rath: It is me, King of the Vampires! I have come for you… wait, “blord”? Is this right? “Blord”?

ISIC: Gasp!

(Phoebe signs again, muttering through gritted teeth.)

Phoebe: This is excruciating.

Kid Ultra: Look, just read the script! It’ll be awesome, I promise!

ISIC: Yeah, I don’t know what you’re talking about! This is quality stuff!

Phoebe: I’m leaving.

Kid Ultra: No! Wait! Come back! Just think of the merchandising opportunities!

Suit UP

Hey Kleese, Kid Ultra here!

I was hoping you could help me out with some gadgets for fighting crime! I was thinking, maybe a bola-thrower? Dr. Noxtopus uses bolas to incapacitate bad guys, and he’s pretty much the expert on battling injustice.

Kid Ultra
As a matter of fact, I’ve already begun work on some custom upgrades to your frightfully non-lethal arsenal. I WAS going to install a molecular disruptor plasma array, but I guess with the rockets, that might be a bit redundant, eh?

I suppose I could… yes, a “bola snare”, wrapped with a phasic envelopment charge! That’ll really “put the hurt on them”, so to speak! Also, who is Dr. Noxtopus? I haven’t seen his name cited in any of the dozens of scientific journals I subscribe to.

Gunnar Kleese, SUPER GENIUS
Dr. Noxtopus! Trillionaire philanthropist criminologist by day, were-octopus crime-fighter by night! He’s the leading researcher in the field of underwater crime, he sometimes helps Fragnus the Star-barian.

Also, just wanna make sure – I don’t think these should be TOO painful, you know? That phasic business sounds pretty intense! Double also, did you say rockets! Like rocket-boots?? You’ll make me fly???

Kid Ultra
No flying. My airspace is crowded enough with that damnable Benedict buzzing about. No, I mean ROCKETS, my dear boy. Long-range, fire-and-forget, totally unguided point-and-click EXPLOSIVES!

Gunnar Kleese, LORD OF THE SKIES
Yeah, maybe I phrased it wrong. Can you just give me a shock taser like yours? I just want to subdue my foes, like Dr. Noxtopus.

Kid Ultra
One: you will NEVER get ANYTHING “like mine”. Do you have any idea how expensive this battle throne was? Duplicating any of its features would reduce its value enormously.

Two: the rockets ARE for subdual! Subdual… with extreme prejudice.

Three: Dr. Noxtopus sounds stupid. Why not fully devote himself to criminology and stop the spread of violent crime at the source through education initiatives and penal system updates, rather than waste his nights in egoistic fisticuffs?

Gunnar Kleese, MASTERMIND
Well, when you put it that way, the bola and rockets sound great! I can’t wait to try them out and subdue some evildoers!

Also, Doc Nox contributed BILLIONS to charitable organizations last year. He takes more of a global-welfare stance by day, he just beats up the bad guys in his own city by night. “Dr. Noxtopus ‘nox’ out crime, one sucker at a time!”

Kid Ultra

Gunnar Kleese

First Flaw of Robotics

(Decrypted log of a transcoded chat session between the Magnuses ISIC and Kid Ultra, shortly after the latter formally joined the Battleborn.)

[n1h1l1stb0t]: Hey, champ! It looks like you’re trying to reconcile your newfound existential agency with the futility of saving a rapidly-decaying pitiful excuse of a universe! Would you like help?

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: phasetastic, my own sidekick!
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: but you’ll need a new identity for when we battle the forces of darkness
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: how about… “Magnus Lad”?

[n1h1l1stb0t]: Congratulations, fella, I’ve just incremented the list.

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: I should warn you, heroism is a dangerous line of work
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: you’ll need titanium skin and a heart of gold!
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: are you sure you’ve got what it takes?

[n1h1l1stb0t]: Those are actually pretty standard features of LLC design.
[n1h1l1stb0t]: But riddle me THIS, kiddo: what makes you — a defective, prototype, artificial babysitter — such a hero?

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: ??? what do you mean?
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: “Where evil lies, where the forces of darkness crawl, where there are bad things happening, JUSTICE shall triumph! Ad astra!”
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: It’s pretty straightforward. I stop bad guys

[n1h1l1stb0t]: -_-;
[n1h1l1stb0t]: But have you considered the greatest good for the greatest number? I mean, the Varelsi outnumber our universe by approximately a zillion to one! I bet they’d find it pretty darn helpful if you were to go on a murderous rampage, instead of trying to stave off the inevitable destruction of this comic pile of hot garbage called Solus.

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: hmmm
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: well I’m pretty sure Captain Aster and the Lasernauts never mentioned “murder” in any of their “How to be a Hero” segments

[n1h1l1stb0t]: You’ve gotta be kidding me. Those warheads in your hands aren’t for holding door open, champ. 🙂 Think about the possibilities!

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: you mean my ROCKETS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS???
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: they’re great!
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: I use them for rooting out villainy

[n1h1l1stb0t]: You mean killing whatever you arbitrarily decide needs to stop existing so much? I admire your style, kid!
[n1h1l1stb0t]: Have you considered a more “wanton” approach? Believe me, when you don’t have to compartmentalize every little thing into “good” or “evil” and just lump them all in the “to destroy” pile, it saves a lot of computing pwoer. 😀

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: mmmm no, I don’t think I’d use the term “killing”
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: I’m “defending the innocent”
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: but proactively
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: and on a bigger scale!
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: As a member of the Little Lasernauts League, I don’t kill people

[n1h1l1stb0t]: Are you sure? Because I gotta say, you and your crazy are killing me right this very second.
[n1h1l1stb0t]: Final question: did Kleese install any logic limiters on your threat-deterrence subroutines?

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: there is no limit to JUSTICE!
[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: “The infinite laser of virtue knows no bounds! Ad astra!”

[n1h1l1stb0t]: I don’t even know what to say to that. You’re more deluded than Geoff.

[xxKiD_UlTrAxx]: who??? lol

[n1h1l1stb0t]: I’ll catch you later, you omnicidal-maniac-in-the-making.

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