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Battleborn Multiplayer Modes

Battleborn multiplayer mode takes place before the events of the story campaign and sets 5 factions up against each other. Play 5 different multiplayer game modes in a 5 versus 5 setup. Players need to work together, think about their team composition and play towards the objective rather than simply eliminating their opponents. Battleborn's multiplayer mode borrows elements from popular MOBA's where players need to work with CPU controlled minions to push towards their goal.
Battleborn Multiplayer PvP
Battleborn Multiplayer PvP

Battleborn PvP Modes

Battleborn contains 5 unique Multiplayer Modes that set 2 teams up against each other. These modes can be played Online against Bots or other players but also locally as solo and co-op experience against Bots.

Multiplayer Mode Descriptions

Battleborn’s team-based competitive multiplayer action can be experienced by up to 10 players online in 5v5 matches and includes 5 distinct modes: Capture, Face-Off, Incursion, Meltdown, and Supercharge. Some modes contain MOBA elements but are tailored towards a first-person shooter experience.

Capture5v510 minTeams of heroes must capture and protect objectives on the map to win. The objectives are different depending on the map played and can be either static or dynamic.
Face Off5v515
Exterminate the invading Varelsi to collect their masks and deposit them for points. The first team to 500 points wins. Steal masks from enemy players and be quick to pick up masks your teammates left behind.
Incursion5v530 minMarch your minions into enemy territory, make your way to their two Sentry bots – then destroy them! Getting there is the tricky part. The other team is aiming to do the same exact thing. So the game quickly becomes a balancing act of defending your turf and escorting waves of minions on the assault.
Meltdown5v520 minEscort your team’s minions to the incinerator at the center of the map. Teams score points for every minion that sacrifices themselves in the incinerator. The first team to reach 500 points, or the team with the most points at the end of the 20-minute time limit, wins the game.
Supercharge3v315 minEscort your team’s minions to the incinerator, and supercharge your minions by capturing the Shepard pad at the center of the map. Teams score points for every minion that sacrifices themselves in the incinerator. The first team to reach 400 points, or the team with the most points at the end of the 15-minute time limit, wins the game.

General Multiplayer Guide

  • Play the tutorial and/or a private PvP match against bots to get a feel of the mode and get familiar with the map.
  • Communicate, if you use voice chat that’s great say hi, not everyone wants to be the first one to speak up.
  •  Team composition matters: Before hopping straight to your favorite hero create a balanced team. Offensive attackers are important, but a good support or healer can be vital to keeping teammates in the fight.
  • Play the objective.
  • Listen to Nova, she knows what she’s talking about in PvP.
  • Remember to regularly check your radar or map, it typically contains more info than what is in your field of view.
  • Use the Ping function. This is useful for prioritizing targets and also gives a small amount of XP.
  • Collect Shards, and use these Shards to purchase buildable tactical structures that are located strategically around the map. These buildables can then be upgraded using Shards to make them more efficient and more resistant to enemy attacks.
  • Small shard fragments can be picked up by simply walking over them. Destroying them doesn’t give you more shards.
  • Find the different shard routes to take in the beginning and maximize your first run to battle
  • If you only focus on Shard running you are not playing the objective.
  • Purchasing buildables gives you XP. This way you can out-level your opponents and you are helping your team. Consider this instead of activating your gear that only services you.
  • Low on health? Teleport back to base for instant heals. This keeps you in the battle, waiting to respawn takes longer and longer later in the game and can really set you and your team back.
  • Are Melee heroes giving you a hard time? Use your basic melee on them to push them back.
  • 0-Cost shard generators exist. You can buy lots of white packs to get them and have a constant stream of shards all match long.
  • Actively look at the map to check for enemy Battleborn/Minions around you. This will help in following up on kills and not getting killed.
  • Protect your healer! They will keep you alive easier if they aren’t being swatted around.
  • MX Elite bots and Shepherd bots can be healed by healers while Thralls can not be healed.
  • Supply stations apply a heal over time buff to your character when you enter the area, You don’t have to wait for your health gauge to be fully restored as the healing effect will stay active for a little while when you leave the area.

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