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Status Effects

CC Effects Explained
Battleborn CC Status Effects

Status effects are temporary modifications to the characters in the game that alter various conditions of the character’s original set of stats. These modifications can eider be an advantage to the character by providing increased health, shield, speed, etc. or hinder the character by deceasing these properties on the character’s stats. Status Effects come into play when heroes or enemies use special powers or abilities. Another way to encounter status effects are by collecting orbs in the story mode, these pickups provide the player with a small boost to aid them in their quest.

What does CC stand for ?

A common gear related question in Battleborn is: “what is cc?” Well on the Battleborn Gear you can find CC Stats, this stands for Crowd Control. These are the status effects shown below.

Status Effects:


The Blind status effect temporary obstructs the field of view of the character. As to black bars will crush your vision, leaving just a tiny crack to gaze through. This makes navigation a lot harder and hitting a target almost impossible. Blind does not affect the character in their movement or abilities. Heroes like Benedict could use their skill “Lift Off’ to evade the situation at hand.

Status Effects


Caldarius - FlashbangFLASHBANG

Caldarius: Fires a grenade that deals a large amount of damage and blinds enemies for 1 sec.



Orendi: Enemies hit by Nullify are blinded for a short time. +1 Second Blind Duration


The Cloak status effect makes things invisible for other characters to see the object. This effect last a brief moment on heroes or is only relevant at longer distances for objects.


Oscar Mike - Stealth GeneratorSTEALTH GENERATOR

Oscar Mike: Activate a cloaking device obscuring Oscar Mike from view and radar detection for 9 seconds. Attacking or using a skill cancels the effect.


Deande: Cloaks Deande and deploys a decoy (20% health, 25% damage) to fight in her stead for 8 seconds. Upon death or expiry the decoy explodes for 20% damage.

Battleborn - Shayne - Stealth StrikeSTEALTH STRIKE:

Shayne: Shayne cloaks for 5 seconds. When the cloak expires or is cancelled, Aurox crashes down, dealing 181 damage to the area around Shayne.



Ghalt: Cloaks deployed Scraptraps, making them virtually invisible at range.

Marquis - Predatory StrikeHOODUNNIT (LVL2)

Marquis: Predatory Strike owls on the battlefield are cloaked


The hasten effect increases the movement speed of the affected targets (Allies).

Knock Back

The Knock Back  status effect works similar to the Push Back effect as targets get pushed away. The difference with the knock back effect is that when the target that got pushed away hits an object in the environment it gets  stunned for a brief moment. Making this effect a lot more powerful as opponents can be targeted towards walls and other objects.

Knock Up

The Knock up status effect temporary lifts the inflicted character up into the air for a brief moment. This action prevents the inflicted from running away as they cannot control their movement while mid-air. This makes the inflicted feel kinda powerless and intensifies the situation that could result in panic and thereby giving you the upper hand.



Attikus: Attikus hurls 10 shockwaves of energy over 5 seconds that each deal 113 damage to enemies in front of him. Fully Charged: Enemies are also knocked into the air.

Montana - MansformationMANSFORMATION

Montana: Stomp the ground, dealing a large amount of damage and knocking up nearby enemies. Montana takes reduced damage for 8 seconds after.

Rath - Catalytic SmashCATALYTIC SMASH

Rath: Rath unleashes a shockwave dealing a large amount of damage directly ahead.

Battleborn - Shayne - Tag Team[ULTIMATE] TAG TEAM:

Shayne: Summons Aurox at target location, dealing 79 damage over time. After 5 seconds, Shayne teleports to Aurox damaging and knocking nearby enemies into the air.


Boldur - BoldurdashGATHER NO MOSS (LVL2)

Boldur: Boldur continues to dash forward after hitting an enemy with Boldurdash, allowing him to hit multiple enemies. Enemies are now Knocked Up instead of Pushed Back.

Montana - Lumberjack DashTHE OL’ ONE-TWO (LVL2)

Montana: Montana knocks nearby enemies into the air at the end of Lumberjack Dash.


The Pull effect sucks targets towards itself (the point of origins) trapping the affected in its force for a brief moment.


The Push status effect temporary pushes the inflicted character away from the infliction point. This effect good for territorial gameplay and keeping a safe perimeter.



Attikus: Leap to a target location, dealing 310 damage and pushing back enemies where Attikus lands. Fully Charged: Deals 465 damage to shields.

Boldur - BoldurdashBOLDUR DASH

Boldur: Leap forward, damaging and pushing back enemies on impact. RUNE POWER: Unleash an EMP at the end of the dash, damaging nearby enemy shields

Caldarius - Gravitic BurstGRAVITIC BURST:

Caldarius: Launch yourself forward. At the end of the dash deal a large amount of damage.


Deande: Deande charges forward, dealing 200 damage and pushing back enemies. Hit enemies are weakened, lowering their attack damage by 30%.

Montana - Lumberjack DashLUMBERJACK DASH

Montana: Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing a large amount of damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1.0 seconds.


Reyna: Deploy a large energy dome that immediately knocks enemies out of the area, and continues to block enemy fire from entering or exiting for 6 seconds.

Thorn - Wrath of the Wild[ULTIMATE] WRATH OF THE WILD:

Thorn: After a brief charging period, hurls a massive energy bomb that explodes dealing a large amount of damage and pushing enemies backward.



Benedict: On activation, Liftoff pushes nearby enemies away.

Montana - Lumberjack DashPUSH IT PUSH IT PUSH IT (LVL2)

Montana: Increases the knockback effect on Lumberjack Dash. +40% Knockback

Orendi - NullifyDISMISSED! (LVL2)

Orendi: Adds a push effect to Nullify.


Ambra: Enemies hit by Solar Wind are blown away, being repeatedly pushed back.


Ambra: Replaces Solar Wind’s directed channel with two slams to the ground with Ambra’s staff. Enemies all around Ambra are pushed back with each slam.

Caldarius - Gravitic BurstKINETIC BURST (LVL6)

Caldarius: Increases Gravitic Burst’s push back effect.

Orendi - Paradigm ShiftTHOUGHT REJECTION (LVL6)

Orendi: Enemies hit by Paradigm Shift are pushed back.

Caldarius - Aerial AssaultGROUND ZEROED (LVL10)

Caldarius: When Caldarius strikes the ground with Aerial Assault, nearby enemies are pushed back.


The Reveal status effect temporary exposes the cloaked heroes that have into stealth mode.



Reyna: Reyna’s Glove can fire a homing blast that deals damage, reveals the target’s position and tags the enemy to take extra damage for a few seconds.


Orendi - Shadowfire PillarBURNED AND BUSTED (LVL1)

Orendi: Shadowfire Pillar reveals all cloaked enemies in the area.

Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot - Scrap CannonSWISS CHEESE (LVL2)

Whiskey Foxtrot: Enemies hit by Scrap Cannon are revealed and take increased damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s Tactical Rifle. +15% Damage for 4 Seconds


Toby: While zooming Toby’s Railgun, all enemies (including cloaked enemies) are revealed in the scope.

Ambra - SunspotAGILE ANOMALY (LVL6)

Ambra: Sunspots can reveal enemies and have increased range. +50% Area of Effect Radius

Marquis - BindleblastWALLHAX.EXE (LVL10)

Marquis: Bindleblast shots can now pierce world terrain to strike targets. Enemy Battleborn are revealed in the scope.


Silence is a status effect that prevents those affected from using active hero abilities for the duration of the silence. Giving you the upper-hand in 1-on-1 battles as the most powerful actions are placed in these special abilities. Silence can also be very effective in team fights as they prevent the enemy from using their special abilities in combination with each another. For example a healer that cannot do his job keeping the team up is almost useless on the battlefield.


Phoebe - Blade RushPREPARATION (LVL1)

Phoebe: Enemies hit by Blade Rush will be marked and silenced by the last strike of Phoebe’s primary melee combo. +3 Second Silence Duration

Galilea - DesecrateBLEAK QUIET (LVL4)

Galilea: Desecrate field silence enemies inside the field.

Rath - Catalytic SmashCATALYTIC FLASH (LVL4)

Rath: Catalytic Smash silences enemies on impact. +3 Seconds Silence Duration


The Slow status effect temporary reduces the afflicted units Movement Speed and Attack Speed by a percentage of their current speeds.


Marquis - Temporal DistortionTEMPORAL DISTORTION

Marquis: Alter the flow of time in a targeted area for 6 seconds, slowing all enemies who are inside of the time warp.

Miko - Cloud of SporesCLOUD OF SPORES:

Miko: Throw a spore sack that explodes on contact, dealing a large amount of damage to enemies and slowing all enemies in the blast radius.

Montana - HailstormHAILSTORM

Montana: Loads a specialized ammunition that slows enemies hit. Adds armor that reduces damage taken.


Battleborn - Kelvin - ice fistsCOLDCLOCK (LVL1)

Kelvin: Every fourth melee hit applies a brief slow to nearby enemies. +1 Second Slow Duration


Mellka: Enemies hit by Claw Lunge are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration


Mellka: Enemies hit by Spike are slowed for a brief time. +3  Seconds Slow Duration

Miko - Cloud of SporesVICIOUS STRAIN (LVL1)

Miko: Intensifies the slowing effect of Cloud of Spores.  +100% Slow

Rath - CrossbladeSLOWING STRIKE (LVL1)

Rath: Crossblade slow enemies on impact. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Thorn - BlightSWAMPFOOT (LVL1)

Thorn: Enemies damaged by Blight are slowed for a short time.


Attikus: Enemies damaged by Pounce are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration


Benedict: On activation, Liftoff slows nearby enemies. +1 seconds slow

Phoebe - PhasegatePHASE DISTORTION (LVL2)

Phoebe: Phasegate creates a field at Phoebe’s target destination that slows nearby enemies. +6 Second Slow Duration

Priority TargetLOCKDOWN (LVL2)

Reyna: Reyna’s Laser Pistol and Plasma Pulse briefly slow enemies marked withPriority Target. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Battleborn - Shayne - Stealth StrikeWAIT FOR THE DROP (LVL2)

Shayne: Enemies damaged by Aurox at the end of Stealth Strike are slowed for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Boldur - Runic AxeSTUNNING BLOWS (LVL3)

Boldur: When Boldur is unarmed, his primary melee attacks slow enemies. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Boldur - Axe TossHEADSPLITTER (LVL4)

Boldur: Enemies hit with Axe Toss are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration


Toby: Enemies damaged by Arc Mines are slowed. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Deande - Tessurim War FansSILENT STRIKE (LVL5)

Deande: For 3 seconds after exiting stealth, Deande’s attacks slow enemies for a brief time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Ghalt - Tactical ShellsHOBBLING SHOT (LVL5)

Ghalt: Tactical Shell slow enemies on impact for a brief time. -25% Movement Speed for 2 seconds

HolotwinIRE’S ECHO (LVL6)

Deande: Increases the damage dealt by an exploding holotwin clone. Enemies caught in the blast are slowed. +15% Damage, +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Caldarius - Gravitic BurstGRAVITIC ANOMALY (LVL7)

Caldarius: Gravitic Burst slows enemies on impact. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Rath - Axiom and OrderSPIN TO SLOW (LVL7)

Rath: Rath’s primary melee combo finishing spin slows enemies. +1 seconds slow duration

Galilea - DesecrateINESECAPABLE FATE (LVL8)

Galilea: Desecrate fields slow enemies. -30% Movement Speed

Ghalt - ScraptrapBIG TRAP (LVL8)

Ghalt: Increases the radius of Scraptrap’s stun effects and the shrapnel charge blast radius. +40% Area of Effect

Marquis - Temporal DistortionCEASE AND DESIST (LVL9)

Marquis: Intensifies the slowing effect of Temporal Distortion, further reducing enemy movement speed. +30% Slow

Montana - HailstormBULLET BUFF (LVL9)

Montana: Intensifies Hailstorm’s slowing effect, further reducing enemy movement speed. If Firestorm augment is active, its damage over time effects are lengthened. +100% Slow or +2 Seconds Duration


Oscar Mike: Enemies damaged by Airstrike are slowed for a short time. +3 Seconds Slow Duration

Toby - Core DischargeCOLDCLOCK (LVL10)

Toby: Enemies damaged by Core Discharge blasts are slowed. +3 Second Slow Duration


The Stun status effect temporary stops all actions of the inflicted character which will take a down state. This is one of the most powerful status effects as the inflicted character isn’t able to move, attack of use special abilities.



Deande: Upon activation, Deande unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning enemies and dealing 50 damage per hit.

Galilea -Shield ThrowSHIELD THROW

Galilea: Galilea throws her Greatshield, dealing 240 damage and stunning the target for 2 seconds.

Ghalt - ScraptrapSCRAPTRAP

Ghalt: Deploys a trap to a target location, stunning nearby enemies for 2 seconds and then exploding dealing 133 damage. A maximum of 2 traps can be deployed simultaneously.

Battleborn - Kelvin - SublimateSUBLIMATE:

Kelvin: Kelvin becomes a cloud of frigid air for 3 seconds, greatly increasing movement speed. Touching enemies deals 75 damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Battleborn - Kelvin - Ice Wall[ULTIMATE] ICE WALL:

Kelvin: After a 1 second delay, Kelvin creates an impassable Ice Wall for 7 seconds that will stun nearby enemies on spawn and block movement.

Montana - Lumberjack DashLUMBERJACK DASH

Montana: Montana dashes and collides with an enemy, dealing a large amount of damage and knocking them back. If the hit enemy hits an object or ally, they are stunned for 1.0 seconds.


Rath - Catalytic SmashCONCUSSIVE SMASH (LVL1)

Rath: Catalytic Smash’s no longer produces a shockwave that knocks targets into the air, but stuns enemies on impact if they have recently been hit by Crossblade.

Battleborn ISIC - Plasma DashHOLD IT RIGHT THERE! }:0 (LVL4)

ISIC: Enemies hit during Plasma Dash are stunned. +2 Seconds Stun Duration

Miko - Cloud of SporesSPORESHOCK (LVL4)

Miko: If Cloud of Spores hits an enemy directly, that enemy is stunned rather than slowing all enemies in the blast radius. +2 Seconds Stun Duration

Battleborn - Shayne - FetchHOLDING IT DOWN (LVL4)

Shayne: Instead of pulling targets, Fetch now stuns enemies on impact. +2 Seconds Stun Duration


Toby: Enemies damaged by Arc Mines are stunned. +2 Second Stun

Ambra - Extinction EventIMPACT CRATER (LVL10)

Ambra: On impact, Extinction Event stuns nearby enemies. +2 Seconds Stun Duration


The Wound debuff has been modified during the  July 20, 2016 Patch. While previously only available to Galilea now multiple Battleborn heroes have this debuff equipped in their arsenal.

Wound now reduces healing, health regeneration and lifesteal received by 60% of any affected target.  The  wounded target now have a unique third person visual effect to indicate that they will receive reduced healing.  This visual indication is shown as red hearts that have a breaking animation as  you can seen on the screenshot below.

Battleborn Wound Effect

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