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Battleborn Story Mode

The Battleborn story campaign tells the story of the end of the universe. While the last remaining species have gathered around the last star and are fighting over the last scraps, a group of heroes team up and try to stop the tyrant, Rendain, who is behind the darkening of the stars.
Awesome Anime Cinematic from the Battleborn Prologue Mission (Soundtrack: Deltron 3030 - Countdown)

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About the Story Campaign

Battleborn features a story mode, unlike some other hero shooter. Players can go through the campaign solo or team up with friends and play up to 5 players. On consoles (PS4 & Xbox One) the game supports couch co-op with a 2 player split-screen option.

The story sets you up for the epic battle for the last star in the universe. As all of the other stars in the universe have gone dark, Trevor Ghalt makes one last effort to save Solus, the last star in the universe. He creates the Battleborn team, a task force containing heroes who he has fought with or against for the last few years. With this team, he is bringing the fight to the tyrant, Rendain, who himself teamed up with the Varelsi in the darkening of the stars for safe passage to their dimension.

Play as one of the 30 playable heroes in this epic adventure. Experience a lot of replay value as each mission is packed with randomized dialogue, challenges, and hero unique references.

The multiplayer mode is set before the main story as each of the factions are fighting over the scraps. However Rendain was getting ready for the attack on Solus as you can see in the motion comics.

Difficulty Settings:

Battleborn has 2 difficulty settings, Normal & Advanced, also the game scales depending on the amount of player in the match. The whole team will have to survive on one respawn pool from which they all drain from. This pool will have a certain amount of respawns, which can be added too by finding specific pickups. There is also an option to enable Hardcore Mode, this will set the amount of respawns to zero. When you died you are out of the game, if all players died you failed the story mission. A higher difficulty will result in better gear.

  • Normal
  • Normal + Hardcore
  • Advanced
  • Advanced + Hardcore

Mission Types:

  • Raid – These missions will throw in some extra mini-bosses.
  • Escort – In these missions, you will need to guide and protect a sentry unit through the level.
  • Defend – During these missions you must hold and defend specific locations on the map.

Mission Star Ratings

At the end of each mission, you will be rewarded a star rating. Each story mission and difficulty setting (Normal, Normal-Hardcore, Advanced, & Advanced-Hardcore) has its own threshold for these star ratings:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Guide: How to maximize your score inside Battleborn

Legendary Gear Drops

Each mission boss or mini-boss has specific legendary gear assigned to them. The loot pool depends on the difficulty level you set the game on. Mini-Bosses have 1 specific legendary gear on Normal difficulty and 1 more specific legendary gear is added to the loot pool on Advanced difficulty. Meaning that on Advanced difficulty you can get the legendary loot drop that would normally drop on Normal difficulty. Adding the Hardcore modifier to your game session will result in better drop chances. The mission’s final boss has 2 specific legendary gears assigned to them on Normal difficulty and 2 more legendary gear will be added to the loot pool on Advanced difficulty settings. Check out the specific missions posted above for the unique loot drops of each of the (mini-)bosses.


  • The Prologue
    • Join the Battleborn in there fight against Rendain.
  • The Algorithm
    • Help the Peacekeepers with icy moons, crazy robots, and universe-bending math!
  • The Void’s Edge
    • Stop a Varelsi incursion by plugging up a portal anomaly on Bliss! Extra Wolf Sentry included!
  • The Renegade
    • Recruit a legendary warrior by helping him get a much-needed recharge!
  • The Archive
    • Tree-hugging fun for lovers of literacy in the burning jungles of Ekkunar!
  • The Sentinel
    • What universe would be complete without at least two super-weapons? Stop this one on Ekkunar before BAD THINGS HAPPEN.
  • The Experiment
    • Who says dwarves aren’t smart? Help Boldur research “all the things” at Amenine Observatory on Ekkunar.
  • The Saboteur
    • Team up with a special away-team guest on Tempest as you help Rendain further refine his tastes.
  • The Heliophage
    • Fight for the Universe as you confront Rendain on Tempest

More Story Missions

Gearbox Software extended the story by adding post-launch content to the game through the season pass. By adding premium DLC to Battleborn players can enjoy new adventures that take place after the main story campaign. In these Story Operations, players can enjoy a fresh take on story missions and challenges themselves with a continuously growing difficulty setting, evolving bosses, and random challenges.

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