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Battleborn Story Operations

Story Operations are premium DLC missions that have been added to the game post-launch. These missions extend on the Battleborn story campaign and tell stories that have happened after the events of the main game.
Battleborn Story Operations Overview
Battleborn Story Operations Overview

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Battleborn received 5 additional story missions as premium DLC that take place after the events of the main story campaign.

attikus and the thrall rebellion - Story Operation

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion – Story Operation

Fight alongside Attikus as he re-enacts his part in the Thrall rebellion against his Jennerit oppressors.

Toby's Friendship Raid - Battleborn Story Operation

Toby’s Friendship Raid – Story Operation

Someone stole Toby’s mech suit, and now it’s a mad dash to board and destroy the convoy of ships being used to manufacture an army of cheap knock-offs based on his design!

Oscar Mike vs The Battle School - Battleborn

Oscar Mike vs. The Battle School – Story Operation

Be advised: Battle School is not for chumps! Fall in line with the Battleborn as Oscar Mike takes you through the ringer.

Montana and the Demon Bear - Battleborn Story Operation

Montana and the Demon Bear – Story Operation

Montana must face down unimaginable horrors, survive the ambush, and hunt down the Demon Bear, all to save NOVA.

Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar - Battleborn

Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar – Story Operation

Unlock the mysteries of the Varelsi, the ancient Aztanti, and the place beyond the portals with Phoebe and her crew.

Battleborn Story Mode

Main Story Campaign

Join the Battleborn in their fight against Rendain.

About Battleborn’s Story Operations

Story Operations are new missions that got added to the game as paid downloadable content. These DLC missions are included in the Season Pass.

These cooperative missions take place after the events that took place in the Main Story Campaign. Each Story Operation will deliver a unique story and a fresh gameplay experience.

These DLC missions are highly replayable and their storytelling is structured in a different way. In contrast to the main story episodes – which told 1 story in different ways each time you played it -, the Story Operations will tell 1 story over the course of 10 playthroughs.

These Story Operations are a bit shorter than the missions from the main campaign because Player Feedback indicated that they were too long as they consumed a good hour in order to complete a single episode.

Difficulty Settings

The Story Operations don’t follow the difficulty settings from the main story campaign but will scale dynamically based on the number of Ops Points you collect. The more Ops Points you collect, the higher the challenge will become.

You will gain 5 Ops Points each time you complete the mission with a maximum of 50 Ops Points at the start of the mission. This means that the Story Operation will become more challenging over the course of the story as you progress through the 10 Playthroughs.

You can gain additional Ops Points by completing Side Quests and opening 10 randomly hidden loot chests throughout the mission. You can gain up to 100 Ops Points by completing all playthroughs and collecting all additional Ops Points tasks.

SourceOps PointsTotal
Replay Mission+5 per Playthrough50
Side Objectives+10 per Side Objective40
Hidden Chests+1 per Loot Chest10
Max 100

Mission Star Ratings

At the end of each mission, you will be rewarded a star rating. Each mission has its own threshold for these star ratings:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

Guide: How to maximize your score inside Battleborn

Legendary Gear

Each Story Operation comes with its own unique legendaries you can collect.

The final boss in each Story Operations has one specific legendary gear assigned to them.

The legendary effects on these items have special conditions, as these can only be triggered in the Story Operations. That means that the PvP won’t immediately have Pay-to-Win gear. But while these legendary items are limited to the story operations, they do have great potential.

Commander Faction Packs

You will be rewarded with a Commander Faction Pack each time you are able to complete a Story Operation with 100 Ops Points. The type of Commander Pack is based on the faction of your character.

Commander Faction Packs are the Badass versions of the normal Faction Packs that are available in the Marketplace. They are both limited to the loot pool of their respective faction but the Commander Faction Packs have a higher chance of dropping Epic and Legendary Gear.

Commander Faction Packs provide a good chance of getting Legendary Gear and each Story Operation comes with its own unique legendaries you can collect.


With each Story Operation also come a few new challenges that will reward you with new skins, taunts, and titles. Check out each of the Story Operation pages to find out which rewards are obtainable in that mission.

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