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Battleborn Story Operations

Story Operations are premium DLC missions that have been added to the game post-launch. These missions extend on the Battleborn story campaign and tell stories that have happened after the events of the main game.
Battleborn Story Operations Overview
Battleborn Story Operations Overview

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About Premium DLC

Story Operations are new missions that got added to the game as paid downloadable content and are included with the season pass. These cooperative missions take place after the events that took place in the main story campaign.  Each operation will deliver a unique story and gameplay experience. Just like the main story campaign these missions are highly replayable but in a different way. In the main story campaign, the dialogue was random but the objective was always fixed. With the story operations, you will get 1 story that will be told throughout 10 play sessions and will throw in random objectives.

Based on user feedback these story operations are a bit shorter than the missions in the main campaign as users sometimes needed an hour to complete those.

Difficulty Settings:

The Story Operations don’t have the 2 difficulty settings, Normal & Advanced, like in the main story campaign. Instead, these missions scale dynamically according to your ops points. Each time you have completed the mission the game will add 5 ops points to your score at the start of your match with a maximum of 50 ops points. So each time you replay the mission it will be a bit harder than the previous session. Another thing that adds to the increased difficulty are the various side objectives. In every play session for the game will reward you with ops points for completing side objectives. This way you will be able to boost your ops points with an additional 40 points. Then there are 10 chests that contain an ops point that are hidden randomly across the map.

  • Replay
  • Side Objectives
  • Hidden Chests

Mission Star Ratings

At the end of each mission, you will be rewarded a star rating. Each mission has its own threshold for these star ratings:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond

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Legendary Gear Drops

Each final boss in these story operations has one specific legendary gear assigned to them.  The legendary effect on these boss drops have a special condition, as these are only triggered in the story operations.  While these legendary gear are limited to the story operations they do have great potential.

Commander Faction Packs

When you are able to obtain 100 ops point in a story operation you will be rewarded with a Commander Faction Pack. The faction of these packs is based on the faction of the hero you are playing in that session. The Commander Faction Packs are the badass versions of the faction packs that are available in the marketplace. Commander faction packs are limited to the loot pool of their respective faction but have a higher chance of dropping better gear. There is a good chance of getting legendary gear with these packs and each Story Operation has its own unique legendaries you can collect.


With each Story Operation also come a few new challenges that will reward you with new skins, taunts, and titles. Check out each of the Story Operation pages to find out which rewards are obtainable in that mission.

Battleborn Story Operations:

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