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Battleborn Multiplayer Supercharge

Supercharge was released on Thursday, June 22, 2017! Here is a deep dive of the mode to get you prepped for battle.

A first peek at the name was found in the Winter Update Stream where the developers showed of the new design of the command menu. In the summary of PvP Wins a new game type was listed next to the already known multiplayer game types.

Battleborn - Supercharge PvP Icon

Supercharge Game Mode Mechanics:

Supercharge is a 3 vs 3 multiplayer mode and has three new maps, Horizon, Permafrost & Ziggurat, for some action packed matches. Supercharge is a cool hybrid between capture and meltdown. It mixes the classic 2 lane meltdown setup by replacing one lanes for a capture point. So like with the classic Meltdown you still got to earn points by guiding your minions to the grinder and destroy the enemy minions before they reach theirs. However you only have 1 lane of minions to worry about this time around. Escorting bigger minions will earn you more points, as Normal minions are 10 points, Shepherd bots are 20 points, the Giant Minions are 30 points. Now here comes the twist, on these new maps there is a new point of interest and that’s the capture point. Securing the capture point will supercharge your minion wave. As longs as you control this capture point each wave of minions will be guided by a shephard bot which will overshield your minions along the way. Controlling the supercharge will give your team a good advantage over the enemy team. The first team that reaches the highest score within 15 minutes or earns 400 points will win the match

Battleborn Supercharge Multiplayer Overview

Supercharge Tips:

  • Follow the basic multiplayer guide
  • Because the Supercharge matches are 3v3, plan for a LOT of coordination with your teammates.
  • Supercharge has a large abundance of shards available throughout the match, as well as faster than normal large shard cluster respawns and – new to multiplayer – exploding barrels that drop shards as well.
  • With a large abundance of shards readily available, it’s encouraged to go into matches with higher end gear than what you are used to.
  • Capturing the Supercharge pad in the center of the map grants your team a boost in its minion spawn waves by adding an additional Shepard bot. This can provide your team and minions with overshield buffs
  • There is only one  MX.Elite Bot buildable  in the center of the map that is available for both teams. Claim it as this will lock out the other team from getting one.
  • The supercharge maps are small so fast melee characters like Rath or Phoebe are a good choice, but hybrid characters  like Mellka & Caldarius who are very mobile and have ranged capabilities are awesome.
  • The Red Shard Barrels that can be found on these maps explode and do damage against  minions as well as enemy battleborn.


Supercharge Horizon Map Showcase - Battleborn

Smallest Supercharge map, goals on opposite sides.

Supercharge Horizon Map Overview - Battleborn

Supercharge Horizon Map Overview – Battleborn



Biggest Supercharge map with a lot of verticality.

Supercharge Permafrost Map Overview - Battleborn

Supercharge Permafrost Map Overview – Battleborn


Supercharge Ziggurat Map Showcase - Battleborn

Most balanced for all play styles

Supercharge Ziggurat Map Overview - Battleborn

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