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Tutorial: The Prologue

Battleborn Prologue Mission

Mission Outline

The Heliophage, Rendain’s base of operations, is the most fortified location in Solus. Therefore Mellka has to infiltrate on Tempest and needs to rendezvous with the defector, Deande. Together they have to reach the spaceship, Nova, and extract from the scene.


Planet: Tempest
Mission Type: Tutorial
Boss 1: Huntsman

The Prologue is a tutorial map and an introduction to the Story game mode. You are required to play this mission the first time launch the game. The Prologue can only be played with one hero, the Eldrid Battleborn Mellka. She has close up melee and medium range gun capabilities, which makes her an all-round character to start with. During this mission you will be taught the basic movement and other in-game mechanics.

While being a tutorial there is a lot of story details that set up the game. You can even learn a bit more about what happened about the events that lead up to the Prologue in the Battleborn Motion Comics and Mellka’s audio log “Heeding the call”.


  • At the launch of the game the Prologue mission was only playable once. This got quickly fixed.
  • One of Jennerit audio kiosks is playing Ambra‘s voice lines.
Huntsman - The Prologue Final Boss

Huntsman – The Prologue Final Boss

At the end of the Prologue mission you will face off against the Huntsman, an agile spider bot. Keep moving to avoid his attacks. Try and chip in some hits, if you have done enough damage the Huntsman will fall on his back, this is a great moment to deal massive damage with skills.

When the Huntsman shields himself he will call in reinforcements. Focus your power on the minion robots that enter the arena. While the small droids are not much of an issue, be aware of the big chubby minions (MX Elite Bots). These have a lot of firepower, however, they move pretty slow therefore move around them as they cannot turn around that fast. Aim for the exhaust pipes on the top as this is their critical weak spot. When these MX Elite Bots go and sit down they will put a forcefield around them. You cannot damage them in this state, run out of there circle as they will try and hit you with a shockwave.

Once you took down all the minions focus your fire on the Huntsman again.

Legendary Gear

The Huntsman does not drop any legendary gear. This mission was designed to only be played once. Therefore the Huntsman didn’t get any farmable items.


  1. Almost falling off the edge when I didn’t know I had to go to a specific area/part.

  2. The discover was great, but what it me the most was (and still is) the intro which give me thrills everytime i see it ^^

  3. Clipping through the stage.

  4. i got bodied by bad guys when i wasn’t looking. https://t.co/SI966BBiDP

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