10 Million Milestone

10 Million Milestone - MentalMars
10 Million Milestone - MentalMars

10 Million Milestone Achievement Unlocked !!!

With all the Borderlands 3 hype that’s going on the traffic on the site has been through the roof! You are amazing, thank you for your support and regularly visiting the site! It really motivates me to make awesome content that you can enjoy or is just really helpful. It’s starting to kick in why 2K Games invited me to the Borderlands 3 reveal event. Yes, I have been making content for a while and it’s probably just what Jim Foronda said:

You’re like the cornerstone of the community! – Jim Foronda

However, I always considered myself a small creator but this is overwhelming. If this keeps up I need to upgrade the server again so y’all don’t crash this one. No rest for the wicked!

Thank You!

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