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2K Games Should Reinstall Battleborn Servers

Battleborn Relaunch
Battleborn Relaunch

2K Games and Gearbox Software should boot up the Battleborn servers again and allow everyone to play the game again. Over the course of time, there are still people that want to play the game, and people who have never played it but expressed their desire to play it as they weren’t able to do so when it initially launched.

Overwatch Transforming into Battleborn

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion Story Operation Screenshot 1

Gearbox Software was ahead of its time with Battleborn. Although it fell short of its competitor, Overwatch, that game also proved that the concept works. While Blizzard didn’t struggle with pulling in players and monetizing the game, they did run into issues that Gearbox already had down.

Blizzard is about to launch Overwatch 2, you can see a lot of similarities to what Battleborn had to offer. A PvE Campaign, Skill Trees, Unlocking Heroes, and more.

Battleborn has the potential for an amazing online and offline experience. While the initial Hero Shooters with MOBA elements all fell short. You see a lot of Hero Shooters succeed these days and with Overwatch 2 implementing more features from Battleborn, it shows that Gearbox was on the right track.

I always said that Battleborn is a great foundation and that the next game could knock it out of the park. The original Borderlands also wasn’t perfect but Borderlands 2 really defined the looter shooter genre.

Evolve Back Online

2K Games recently came into the news because another game of them has resurfaced. After 2K performed some maintenance to their game Evolve it became playable again. Initially, they didn’t have any clue why the service was restored, however, the game found some success again.

Turtle Rock Studios who sadly doesn’t work on the title anymore is happy that gamers have rediscovered their game again. Turtle Rock Studios’ response to why Evolve is popular again is that the game was ahead of its time with the asymmetrical gameplay. Something that is more popular these days.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

ID Software and Bethesda recently relaunched the servers for the 2003 Return To Castle Wolfenstein spin-off. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a multiplayer game where everyone has a task on the battlefield and you need to work together in order to succeed.

Reviving Cult Classics

With Evolve and Wolfenstein resurfacing, it’s almost as if the industry is on a road to reviving cult classics. You can also see it with Remedy games bringing back all their old franchises.

And if the original Publishers and Developers aren’t doing it themselves, someone else will jump in and claim their spot. Indy studios aren’t afraid of making spiritual successors to beloved games.

  • Spectre is an asymmetrical Spies versus Mercenaries game that was inspired by Splinter Cell’s Multiplayer mode.
  • Tempest Rising is a Command & Conquer spiritual successor.

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