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35 Million Milestone

35 Million Milestone - MentalMars
35 Million Milestone - MentalMars


Oke, at the start of this year I had some goals in mind, and one of them was to smash the 35 Million views on this site. Today we SMASHED that goal. You are amazing!!!

Back in January, when we hit the 25 Million Milestone I hoped that we would reach the 35M goal by the end of this year. A wishful estimate would place this milestone in December, however, we are already there and that’s insane.

I’m so glad that you are enjoying the stuff that I put out there. The growth has been beyond everything I could have dreamed of. I think it would be a stretch if we could hit the 40 Million Milestone by the end of the year but with you by my side, nothing seems impossible!

Thanks for everything!

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  1. SiegeOC

    Congrats my friend!! Keep it up 🥳

  2. SonicRed69

  3. Quag

    Well deserved, thanks for doing what you do

  4. Truly Huncho✨

    Dat is insaneeee! Gefeliciteerd man!

  5. Ccrypto

    Nice, congrats dude!

  6. Sheriff Pirek 💚

    40 mil? can do *spams refresh button*.
    Fo real tho, congrats, well deserved! 🥳💚

  7. Peelybaby

    You are the legend

  8. BedlamBryan

    Thank you for creating an epic website. I’ll help get you to 40 ☺️👊🔥

  9. RestAssured

    Ayyyy congrats!!!! Well deserved!


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