A Future for Tales from the Borderlands?

Tales from the Borderlands - Season 2
Tales from the Borderlands - Season 2

This week we learned that TellTale Games is back. Well, at least the name as a group of investors acquired the rights of the old TellTale studio. There plan is to produce similar interactive stories as the original studio did back in the day. The investors also gained access to unreleased projects and the rights to the ‘Wolves Among Us’ and ‘Batman’ franchises.

Currently, it’s unknown what the plans are for Tales from the Borderlands. However, with all the hype surrounding Borderlands 3, it’s fair to ask if we will ever see a season 2 of the Tales series.

Personally, I really enjoyed Tales from the Borderlands. But at the end of it, the game left us on a big cliffhanger and we all wonder what happened to Rhys and Fiona. Since Tales is canon we do see elements of that returning in Borderlands 3. That said it would be cool if the series made a return. While Tales from the Borderlands isn’t a shooter looter, it did deliver quality content through storytelling.

While the current Telltale Games studio is nothing like the old studio they seem to be willing to hire talent from the previous studio.  That said, Gearbox Software also hired some former Telltale talent. Since Gearbox has also become a publisher, they want to release their own games. Currently, they are publishing some of the biggest indie games. Which will eventually lead up to them being able to self-publish the next ‘Brothers in Arms’ or ‘Duke Nukem’. I have been wondering for some time if Gearbox would ever take on Tales from the Borderlands Season 2 themselves. It would be a cool smaller project for Gearbox to do themselves.

However, until we get official confirmation, we just have to be hopeful and wait and see. The management of the new Telltale Games is looking at their portfolio and are investigating future opportunities.   They aim not to make the same mistakes as the previous management. It was mentioned that they like the binge-watch model that companies like Netflix use. There you can get a whole season at once instead of waiting each week/month to get a new episode.

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  1. WeirdScienceX

    I would like to see another season, I was under the impression that 2K were attempting to acquire the r… https://t.co/8JSymdrPyM

  2. This Guy 😎 aka Keith 🤔

    I’m down! Who’s with me?

  3. It certainly would be nice to see a second season and for the first season to return for those who never got a chance to play it

  4. Megan Elrod

    I would literally cry if they did a new tales or wolf among us. Those games were absolutely phenomenal

  5. legit

    I can’t find this game anywhere ever since Telltale went under. ):

  6. halo3fan101

    God i hope not….tales from the borderlands is litterly the only borderlands game that i dont like!

  7. Thormog

    Got me excited for nothing good click bait though

  8. Shane Durkan

    Can we get tRoy back as Rey’s

  9. Kay C. Barrow

    No. No. No.

    Do NOT ruin a perfect game with a second season. It’s not needed. It’ll just ruin it!

  10. Kenny.TwD 💖🐧

    Yes please!!

  11. abolishedmartyr

    I hope so

  12. WilGames7

    The death of Fiona & Sasha :0

  13. Ian Gabriel Santiago


  14. Morri Stewart


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