An Evening with Gearbox Software the Creation of Borderlands

An Evening with Gearbox Software Part 1

During PAX Aus 2013 Randy Pitchford (Presidentof Gearbox Software), Brian Martel (Vice President of Gearbox Software), Paul Hellquist (Creative Director of Borderlands) and Anthony Burch (Writer of Borderlands 2) held an intimate event at the Australian Center for the Moving Image to dissect the origins and design of Borderlands. In Part 1, we explore the shift away from the original art direction, featuring never-before-seen concept art and trailers!

An Evening with Gearbox Software Part 2

In Part 2, Gearbox discuss how the change in art influenced everything about Borderlands as a franchise, and how the DLC for first game helped shape the direction for Borderlands 2!

An Evening with Gearbox Software Part 3

In this final part, Gearbox go into depth about the creation of the narrative for Borderlands 2 with Anthony Burch, and take audience questions!

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