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Battleborn 1 Year Anniversary

Hey MentalMars here and happy anniversary, because 1 year ago Battleborn got released. And in case you didn’t notice this game is very special for me. It brought me along on a journey that I’m really thankful for and will never forget. Because my passion for Battleborn got noticed by you guys but also by the people over at Gearbox Software and 2K Games. I loved over-analyzing the trailers and comments from the developers.

All these crazy articles and videos resulted in an invitation by 2K Benelux to play the game for the first time at Gamescom. They literally called me up when I was working in the Battlebread bakery. That was a real shocker, I don’t know how they got my phone number but I guess they still had it from the Borderlands Contest that I won the year before.

Later on, 2K Benelux also invited me to play Battleborn at their office here in Holland and I even got to tag along for a press trip to England. There a team from Gearbox Software gave an exclusive preview of the Incursion game mode and I got to play the game with Randy Varnell, Anthony Nicholson & Jeff Skal, which was amazing. On one hand, you want to geek out and on the other hand, you want to stay professional, as far as that goes, because I did want to deliver all the info I could find to you guys. But it’s weird but totally awesome that the people you admire are also fans of your work. I can tell you hanging out with the creative director, eating pizza, and talking Battleborn is an epic experience.  I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished. But it wouldn’t be without you guys, so thank you for that. Because your support kept me going. Thank you Battleborn Community!

Anniversary SHiFT Code: 955BB-3KBS6-CWCJS-XKXJJ-KKH6J
Featured Images by: Pedro Martínez
Anniversary Thread: GBX Forums

Battleborn 1-Year Anniversary FanArt

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