Battleborn Champions Wallpapers

Battleborn Champions Wallpaper Gallery
Battleborn Champions Wallpaper Gallery

Battleborn has a wide range of playable characters and these Battleborn Champions deserve another badass wallpaper collection. With this wallpaper series  i remastered a concept i made for my Borderlands collection.   As seen on some of the  early character art  these champions got presented in front of a parallelogram with the faction texture behind them. So i used the diagonal look of the art and incorporated it here. Instead of using the grunge borderlands background pattern i’m going for the hi-tech pattern. I recreated the design after the background image of the official Battleborn website. So i’m trying to stay consistent and add that Battleborn look and feel to my wallpapers. With the Borderlands adaptation there was only one background pattern. The thing that changed up was the bars that changed in the colors of the presenting Vault Hunter. This time i’m changing up the pattern of the bars to match that to the faction pattern of the  current champion. I wanted to do something different with the text on the wallpaper. Somehow i  always want to put the name of the character and the faction name on my Battleborn Wallpapers. And with this  Champions series it’s no different.

Hopefully you like my Battleborn Champions wallpaper collection and support it with a comment or social share! Be sure to also check out my other Battleborn wallpapers in the download section. Thanks and Enjoy !

Battleborn Champions Wallpaper Collection

I intent to create wallpapers of all the champions. This process only takes me a while to get them all done and some playable characters haven’t been revealed yet. So bare with me there is lot’s of awesome content coming up. So check back or follow me on social media as i also post my updates there.

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