Battleborn Community Shout Out

Hey MentalMars here with a quick little thank you video.

Because during the summer update live stream gearbox not just gave us a ton of new info, but they also did a shout out to the Battleborn community and one of the specific call outs was yours truly, and i would like to thank Gearbox for that. Its such a honor being recognized by the developers. Battleborn has a great community and the specific people Gearbox called out are awesome, i really like what they contributed to the community. To quickly go over a few; I often hang out in Enasni’s live stream which is a lot of fun, and i regularly talk with Lowlines and Solus Scientist about Battleborn stuff. Its awesome how lowlines just breaks the game apart and presents it to the world. Also in case you didn’t know Solus Scientist is working on new youtube content, so if you haven’t subscribed to him, go check him out he does great analysis videos. Then we have Beya who does some amazing artwork, the battleborn artwork i see on social make me regret i neglected my drawing skills. and that’s the point a wanted to come to, not that i neglected my drawing skills but that i want to highlight you guys, first of without your support my website and youtube channel wouldn’t be a thing, but i also see a lot of you making content and talking about the game and that’s awesome. So you guys rock ! And while i wanted this to be a quick talk it has gone on for a while. so i’ll wrap it up here, go watch that  clip from the stream. Thank you Gearbox and thank you Battleborn community!

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