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Battleborn Legends Wallpapers

Battleborn Legends Wallpaper Gallery
Battleborn Legends Wallpaper Gallery

Trevor Ghalt a respected soldier of the Peacekeepers. He is the leader of a group of legendary heroes that fight for survival. As all hope dies and the darkening of the stars is almost complete and none of the factions is able to defeat this evil by itself. Ghalt creates a unique alliance, gathering friends and foes to fight an even greater evil. This group of heroes are the Battleborn Legends. Will they be able to take down the Varelsi and stop the darkening of the stars… to be continued.

With this wallpaper collection, I’m creating new wallpapers for each of the Battleborn heroes. This wallpaper started out as a different version of the hero wallpaper series. I wanted to create a light version of the setup I had. Having that more high-tech look and leaning towards the minion robotics design. But after the Battleborn logo changed the game now has an icon. So I thought what if I use the shape of this icon to highlight the faction color instead of using a horizontal bar like I did with the Hero wallpaper series. Therefore I imported an image of the Battleborn icon and made a vector image out of it, so I can scale it without loss of quality. This may also be useful for future projects if I come up with cool ways to use the icon. Working on this project everything went according to plan until I added a background inside the Battleborn icon. Creating kinda a looking hole. This resulted in having a blurry background outside of the icon and a sharp image on the inside of the icon. Still having the high-tech background image in place I started layering this on top of the Battleborn landscape image. After some tweaking, I got this result that I found cool, still a bit high tech but also the warm colors that also represent the game. Changed up the watermark branding a bit for this wallpaper series. Normally I would add my URL on the bottom, but while making Borderlands Wallpapers I got feedback that I should find a way to insert my “watermark” into the design. With Borderlands this resulted in having my url next to the Borderlands Logo. This was set up in the same font with a similar design as the logo. With Battleborn you see that during promotion 2K Games uses a red bar underneath the Battleborn Logo. Normally this would tell you what kind of content you are getting. Now I’m using this to add my URL to immerse the URL into the wallpaper instead of disturbing the design.

Hopefully, you like my Battleborn Legends Wallpaper collection and support it with a comment or social share! Be sure to also check out my other Battleborn wallpapers in the download section. Thanks and Enjoy !

Battleborn Legends Wallpaper Collection

I intend to create wallpapers of all the heroes. This process only takes me a while to get them all done and some playable characters haven’t been revealed yet. So bear with me there are lots of awesome content coming up. So check back or follow me on social media as I also post my updates there.

Here you can check out the full wallpaper collection.

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