Battleborn Live Stream Tribute with Hilarious Highlights by Gearbox Software

Get ready for some puns and other funny moments from your favorite Dev team. This video will highlight a lot of hilarious moments and shenanigans that Gearbox Software did during their Battleborn Live Streams.

I made a tribute video of the Battleborn Live Streams. I watched all  of the streams again and took clips from some the most hilarious or memorable moments. It was a lot of work and often I forgot that I was looking for good segments for my compilation video. It starts of with an introduction with all of the lovely Gearbox folks that where part of these live streams. But we also look back at the very first introduction when everything was new and experimental.  There are some great moments with the Creative Director Randy Varnell, Voice Actor Jim Foronda, or Writer Sam Winkler. Who doesn’t remember JOEmato :D. Have fun with this tribute video, watching it brings a smile to my face. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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