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How Does Supercharge Work ? – Battleborn

Battleborn Supercharge Multiplayer Overview || Quick Tips & Guide

How to play SuperCharge, the new Battleborn Multiplayer mode. Here is an overview to guide you through this mode and some quick tips to get you started.

Grab your gummy bears and power up because Gearbox is releasing another new multiplayer mode for battleborn. Here is what you need to know about supercharge.

Supercharge Explained

Hey mentalmars here and while supercharge has been teased for some time now it is finally here. So what is supercharge? Well supercharge is a cool hybrid between capture and meltdown. It mixes the classic 2 lane meltdown setup by replacing one lane for a capture point. So like with the classic Meltdown, you still got to earn points by guiding your minions to the grinder and destroying the enemy minions before they reach theirs. However, you only have 1 lane of minions to worry about this time around. Escorting bigger minions will earn you more points, as Normal minions are 10 points, Shepherd bots are 20 points, and the Giant Minions are 30 points. Now here comes the twist, on these new maps there is a new point of interest and that’s the capture zone. Securing the capture point will supercharge your minion wave. As long as you control this capture point each wave of minions will be guided by a shephard bot which will overshield your minions along the way. Controlling the supercharge will give your team a good advantage over the enemy team. As your minion waves will be pretty hard to take out. The first team that reaches the highest score within 15 minutes or earns 400 points will win the match.

If you think this will be an easy task well you are wrong as the team size for this mode will be reduced to a 3 versus 3 match instead of the regular 5 versus 5 you are accustomed to. While the maps are a bit smaller team coordination is still key as you have to prioritize between the minion wave and the capture point. In the time between those priorities, you also will be gathering shards to build tactical structures or buy giant minions to get an advantage in the game. The big shard clusters will spawn at the start of the match when the first minion wave teleports in. So you could start collecting those shards right away. However, this does allow an opening for the enemy team to get an advantage by capturing the supercharge. Your minions and those of the enemy team won’t cross paths in this mode so you want that assistance of the structures as you could be occupied by other priorities. So acquiring these buildables can be very beneficial especially as you can obtain the buildables on your lane as well as those on the opposing side. This way you can speed up and protect your own minions as well as slow down and attack those of the enemy team. Another big advantage is that there is only one Giant minion spawn point. Buying a giant minion will cost you a lot of shards, however, it will give you an exclusive advantage as the opposing team won’t have access to one for the duration of the cooldown. So that is very beneficial.

These Supercharge matches are super quick, therefore you will earn XP at an increased rate so you can reach a higher level and activate your helix skills. Because you do want to feel like a badass and you know what helps with that, yes the big amount of shards that quickly come available so you can rock that full legendary load out.

SuperCharge Maps

SuperCharge comes with 3 new maps

  • Ziggurat, which features a temple on Ekkunar and is the most balanced for all play styles
  • Permafrost, is set on Blizz and has that icy look just like the Lair before the ISIC boss battle from the story mission the Algorithm.  this is the Biggest Supercharge map with a lot of verticality.
  • Horizon, takes place on a toxic part of Ekkunar this is the smallest Supercharge map and has its goals on opposite sides.


Supercharge will be available in a new queue called mini-match, because of the 3 vs 3 setup. In mini-match you can vote for what you want to play. Supercharge is always available but you could also choose to play one of the other modes like meltdown or incursion.


For awesome tips for this game mode check out the dedicated Supercharge page.

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