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Battleborn vs. Overwatch vs. Paladins – The Hero Shooter Wars

hero shooter wars
hero shooter wars

An search request on my site that keeps coming  up is about Battleborn vs. Overwatch.  So because you are searching for it here you go. Battleborn and Overwatch are both Hero Shooters but both have a different take on this new genre. Even other games like Paladins, Gigantic and  Paragon are joining this Hero Shooter Wars.  So we got a lot of games trying to be victorious in the same  happy gaming space.

While they all feature a wide range of playable heroes that each have there own role based on their archetype/class. The games themselves play quite different as the gameplay mechanics  , controles and rules are unique for each game. While Overwatch is more of a First Person Shooter, Paragon is more leaning towards the MOBA side with there gameplay mechanics.  While not fully committing to one side or the other these games try to blend genres to create a new type of game. These new type of games have been named Hero Shooters.

But which one is the best ? Well that is actually a question i can not answer because it all comes down to your personal taste. Currently Overwatch and Paladins are doing really good, Paragon and Gigantic are still in Beta. Battleborn isn’t doing that great at the moment, but i really like it and i know Gearbox is working to improve the game. The President of Gearbox Software even stated that there will be a trial version coming of Battleborn.  This would give a lot of players the chance to try out the game before dismissing it.

Hero shooter comparison chart

hero shooter comparison chart

While a Call of Duty would be a true First Person Shooter the next big thing that introduced classes really well and gave them an identity was Team Fortress 2. At the other end we would have a League of Legends or a DoTa as the true MOBA games, but smite gives you that more 3rd person view bringing it closer to this so called hero shooter genre. As Overwatch is a fast pace shooter like game, Battleborn on the other hand is more towards the middle of the chart. As the time to kill is longer in that game this creates some battles that require some more effort in order to take someone out.  So Battleborn is less of  a fast pace shooter, not saying it is slow but it has a lot of depth to it.

With Overwatch you can switch characters every time you respawn this way you can counter the setup of the enemy team. With Battleborn you can’t change your hero in the middle of the battle, but over the course of the match you are able to pick helix upgrades to adjust the play style and capabilities of your hero.  This way you can build out your skill tree to counter that healer or cloaked enemy player. So each hero has different capabilities that you can acquire or improve .

I could sum up a lot of other differences but some fellow content creators have made some excellent videos about this subject.

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