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Who is ISIC ? – Battleborn

Battleborn - ISIC
Battleborn - ISIC

Welcome to the ‘who is’ article series. With these posts i will take a look at the unannounced battleborn heroes. My goal is to unravel what secrets they hide from us and explore what potential they could harness.


Extraordinary Engineering

I would love to see the pitch that brought ISIC to life. Was is  a mech with the face of the talking mirror inside of a fishbowl  on top of it ?  Oh well, ISIC gets a short introduction near the end of the E3 Gameplay demonstration.  Before Kleese can go into details about him an alarm goes off and the video is cut short. This sounds like the perfect setup for another “Who is” article. Although we know nothing there are some elements that give us a hint on who ISIC is.

Battleborn - Marquis

Battleborn – Marquis

ISIC is part of the Last Light Consortium (LLC). Looking at the gold design, we see these elements also on Marquis & Phoebe.  Also the light blue highlight color makes an appearance in all these heroes. The LLC also makes the little minion robots and we can see some of that armor plating on ISIC it has a different finish. ISIC has gold bolts and no hard black lines between each plate. With my assumptions i reached  out on the GBX forums and got the confirmation that ISIC is indeed one of the LLC Heroes. As Gearbox or 2K Games can’t say anything about the unannounced characters in detail they did mention one thing.

he’s pretty extraordinary.

More than meets the eye

Yes this is a Transformers reference, because during the brief moment we see ISIC in action we see him transform. He goes from standing on two legs to leaning backwards on his arms. During this transition two chainguns and a big ass cannon pop up from his back. So what does this tell us ? That ISIC is a badass mech that can transform and will deal crazy amounts of damage. Yes but i think this will also have a ‘downside’.

ISIC is probably going to be a tank class.  Lot’s of health and fire power but slow moving. That transformation could be his ultimate ability or is if it’s a mode that you can swap too. Going over the top with the tank class. This move could make you a sitting duck. If you ever played Starcraft the Terrans have these Siege Tanks. They can ride and fire like normal tanks, but they also got this stationary mode. The Siege Tanks deploy some extra arms to absorb the feedback from each shot. The upside is that you have more range and shoot bigger caliber projectiles that deal more damage. The downside is that the Siege Tanks are not able to move around. While Starcraft is an topdown RTS, Battleborn is a FPS. ISIC’s ability is a cool transition that would look nice in 3rd person mode. And because of the FPS gameplay i think you will  have the ability to turn around. I find the Siege mode idea on a tank class is very risky. Although some FPS games let you  command a moving turret of some kind, i personally didn’t really like  these types of gameplay. Mostly this is because their slow moving gameplay doesn’t feel right to me in a fast FPS game. But Battleborn is all about character choice, they can go more into extremes with that many different characters to choose from. Most of the times those turrets deal a lot of damage in these gameplay scenarios, so i can see that other people would feel that they are really powerful.

Battleborn - ISIC - Cannon

Battleborn – ISIC – Cannon


Besides the siege mode what abilities does ISIC contain ? As he is standing we can see both of his arms.  The one on the right (ISIC’s left arm) features a “normal” hand. The one on the left (ISIC’s right arm) packs a different kind of punch. On the top where his hand should be is a three pointed claw. Within the center you see the barrel of a cannon. I would have wanted to say HandGun but that wouldn’t do it justice. As there is no footage of ISIC shooting there are lot’s of possibilities what this cannon can fire. Are it rapid fire energy bolts and is there an secondary fire featuring a charge up shot ? Who knows, but what  i would like to see is a massive energy beam. As ISIC shoots a continuous beam the three claw thingies will spin around the barrel.

Rocket Punch

Battleborn - ISIC - Rocket Punch

Battleborn – ISIC – Rocket Punch

Just because the other hand of ISIC may look normal does not say it won’t be doing something special. Yes it can be used for your normal melee attacks.What if ISIC is able to launch that fist like a rocket, punching enemies at an distance, add a little explosion to it and BAM we got ourselves a “handy” ability.


So assuming ISIC is a slow moving tank class he still needs some way to move swiftly around the battlefield to catch those faster opponents. Montana has the giant leap where he can stomp onto his target. Looking at ISIC’s back i get the impression that he could use it as a jet thruster, using this afterburner to boost his way to a new location. Combine this dash with a uppercut (left arm) or a tazer (right arm) and ISIC can deal damage will getting around more quickly.

So that was my first  impression of ISIC, continue to the next page for new hidden details. But in the mean time do you like those stationary gameplay moments during a game ? Let me know in the comments or social media. Thanks!


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