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Battlebread Update August 2016

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Hi everyone, I wanted to try something new and I hope you guys will like it. I wanted to give you guys a bit more of an update on what’s going on with the website.

Last month has been a busy month not just for me but also for the website. Thank you all for visiting and taking the time to consume the content I have been making. Every day I’m trying to improve the site or create new and exciting stuff for you guys to enjoy as far as my free time lets me.

Free Time? Yes, this website is still a “side project”, although it sometimes feels like a full occupation. Not that I don’t mind, I like doing this and if it would pay my bills I would do it full time. My day-to-day job is actually baking bread. So if you have seen me post #BattleBread on social media that is a reference to that. But from now I’m gonna call my update blog Battlebread. This is actually something Randy Varnell said to me during the Londen Press Event where I got the see the Incursion mode for the first time. I mentioned my actual job and he was surprised.  

Talking about the Creative Director of Battleborn. I got the interview him a few days before the release of Pendles. We talked quite a bit, Randy was really kind to me, and I had an awesome time.


I brought back MixMonday, every Monday I’m uploading a wallpaper of a random video game. Currently, I’m trying to stick to a template that I created so I can push more of those out. This gives you guys something different and it won’t drain as much time from my featured games. So if you like to see a wallpaper of one of your favorite games let me know. Send an email or poke me on social media.

You might have noticed that Evolve went ‘free 2 play’ on PC and this has sparked the player base a lot. As I have supported this game in the past I’m gonna pick that up again. I’m also working with StealthShampoo to get some quality Evolve content. We did some work together for Battleborn but Nicky is also an awesome Evolve player. I moved Borderlands the Pre-Sequel from the quick navigation list. Borderlands 2 is still up there as traffic shows you guys still like to visit that content. Because 2K Games & Gearbox Software aren’t pushing Borderlands 3 yet this game is not (yet) on the featured content list. I will keep track of Borderlands news and post any hot stuff if I find some.

Website Updates

Like I said I’m always working on content although this might not always be visible on the front page. Here are some of the things I have worked on that you might not have noticed.

Things to do List

I got some more updates down the line but time prevents me from doing so. But I have some stuff written down that needs my attention.

Top 5 Battleborn July 2016

  1. Pendles
  2. Ernest
  3. Alani
  4. Ambra
  5. Toby

Top 5 Wallpapers July 2016

  1. CoD BO3 Zombies Wallpaper
  2. Battleborn Legends Wallpaper – Pendles
  3. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Wallpaper
  4. Overwatch Heroes Wallpaper
  5. Rainbow Six Siege Wallpaper
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