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Battlebread Update August 2017

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Hi and welcome to another Battlebread update! Here I keep you guys in the know on what’s going on behind the scenes and minor tweaks that fall off the grid and outside the news grid. Also, I hope to give you guys some insight into what’s to come. In this update I’ll discuss; Push notifications, Battleborn, Borderlands, and Fortnite and you get a sneak peek at some video content.

Push Notifications

I ran a poll a little while ago to see if you guys wanted push notifications from the site. Well, the results are in and the majority said; YES! That’s why I have implemented this feature and I have seen a huge number of you subscribing to that, which is awesome!

Battleborn Story Mode Overview Page

The Battleborn Story Mode page got a big update.

  • New Video Thumbnail Art
  • Divided the page into 2 sections
    • Story Campaign
    • Story Operations (DLC)
  • New hi-res featured images for all the missions
  • Added Story Operation  Info
  • Changed the order of some info

Battleborn Story Mission Pages

The dedicated Battleborn Story Mission pages received an update. You can check out the Algorithm for these changes.

  • New Thumbnail art
  • Boss Videos
  • New Legendary Gear  Cards

Battleborn Legendary Gear Database

I created a Legendary Gear Database for Battleborn. With all the work of the updated Gear Cards on the story mission pages, I also created pages for each of the legendary pieces of gear that you can find in these missions. Providing a description of the piece of gear and how to obtain them. Which mission, boss & difficulty.

Next Level Content

For the last few weeks, I have also been looking into how I can upgrade my content creation. I have a little submit box on the front page of this site asking you guys for feedback.

Some of you even send in some feedback. While most of them are positive and tell me I’m doing a good job I still want to take things to the next level. Creating quality content and consistently.

I have been diving into some courses and tutorial guides on how to come up with new ideas for content and how I can improve the content and do a better job at informing you guys.

One of the things I wanted for my videos is to have my own intro, so I worked on getting that done. You can see a short example in this video where my Gamertag gets revealed at the beginning of the clip. This clip was a little experiment I did to showcase my Youtube channel was all about Battleborn, however, I need to make a new one as I’ll also be making Borderlands content.

MentalMars Demo

Borderlands Content

MentalMars Traffic Spike
Traffic Spike on MentalMars.com

And while we were on the subject of Borderlands. 2K Games and Gearbox Software did do a shout-out on social media promoting my Borderlands 2 Wallpapers which resulted in a huge traffic spike.

Apparently, not everyone was aware of my Borderlands collection.  The server didn’t like having such a huge spike all at once, so some of you might experience some loading issues. That shouldn’t be a problem anymore unless you guys try and slam the server all at once again.

Because this social shout-out also attracted some more Borderlands fans I have added some more Borderlands info into the mix. Once Borderlands 3 gets announced there will be more Borderlands content coming up.


Gearbox Publishing put out Fortnite, it’s a Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead kinda game made by Epic Games. You have to gather resources and build a base against hordes of zombies.  Since the launch, I have been putting out news updates and some awesome guides. I will continue to do so for a while, however, I’m not making video content for this one at the moment. That has to do with the fact that I’m rethinking my content workflow.

Borderlands Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery Board Game
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