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Battlebread Update December 2016

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I thought its time for another update blog. Over the last few weeks, I have been a bit tired, therefore, I haven’t been making a lot of new content. I was on a roll with making some video content recently but that declined after a while. I do have a few videos that I think you will like but they are still in development.  They are currently ‘on hold’ because of a low amount of time and energy. This is also the case with the Mix Monday Wallpaper. Don’t worry they will be coming back. I have planned a short vacation in January so I’m preparing to recharge my battery.

If you check my previous Battlebread update from August you can see that one of my things to do was update the Battleborn Profile Pages. I can confirm that I have started with that, not all of them are done yet but I’m making progress. The new profile pages will get a new layout. There will be new Tabs for Abilities, Guides & Lore. The Images and Video tabs are now combined into 1 tab called Media. Also adding some new info and trivia on these characters. Another great addition is the in-depth hero guides that Kitru is providing. So if you really want to know how how to maximize your Battleborn check out the Guides tab on the new profile pages.

You probably are waiting on the Battleborn Winter Update just like me. But it looks like we need to wait a little bit longer. From what I have heard is that the patch is in certification at Sony & Microsoft. These companies also have a busy schedule during the holidays. So sadly they didn’t get approved yet or not in time. Also, Gearbox Software is currently on a holiday break, therefore the patch will come available in 2017.

Talking about things to look out for in 2017. In the latest Battleplan Gearbox confirmed they will be doing multiple live streams. They did not mention which content they will be featuring but the next 2 live streams will be on January 10th and January 12th. Maybe they will show off some more stuff from the winter update. I did point out to Gearbox that there are some people skeptical about the new Meltdown changes and they might want to consider dedicating a live stream to show off the changes they made.

If you have been hanging around the Battleborn Discord you might have encountered the creative director from Battleborn. Randy Varnell was there for 3 hours talking about lore. Did you miss the Storytime, there is a great summary on the GBX Forums. Looking for some more Developer insights? Well, you are in luck because the development team will be doing another AMA over at the Battleborn Discord. You can already submit questions in the AMA suggestions section. Currently upon writing there is no date set for this event but I’ll make sure to post an overview on the site.

Top 5 Battleborn November 2016

These are the most visited Battleborn profile pages in the month of November 2016 and from the looks of it, the DLC heroes are popular.

Here is a brand new wallpaper pack that I just released. Hopefully, this will get you Vault Hunters into the Xmas spirit.

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