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Battlebread Update October 2017

Battlebread Update

Hey Guys, I had planned this update a bit earlier but the CMS didn’t post it for some reason, so let me update this post a little bit. By now I hope you already had a vacation. Personally, I had 3 weeks off in August and went on a 10-day holiday having fun with the family. There was not a lot of content creation going on during my time off, however, I did schedule some content for you so there was still stuff going on at the site. However during my holiday, there was someone who missed his stream of SHiFT Codes for Borderlands, so I fixed that once I got home 😀


Maybe an overlooked part of the site, but there is actually a section on this site where you can find more info about me. This section was lacking a bit of quality content and I’m planning to do a bit more of Story Time with MentalMars. I’m thinking about a blog on how I got started and various accomplishments during my content creation.

Also, I added some portfolio projects to my site. These are some “big” projects I did before or alongside running this site. For example, I have helped build other websites and did some consulting with others creators to help with their content.


I like to do a shout-out to the people who have supported me by donating to my Paypal account. You guys are very kind to me, thanks for your support! Another great way to support me is getting some of that merch I have set up recently.

A little while ago I launched an actual webshop where you can actually buy t-shirts and hoodies that I designed. You can read how that started in this blog, but for now, I would like to say it is a fun project for me to do. I didn’t expect that I would be doing something like that. It’s a nice way for you to get awesome stuff but also support me along the way. After the first “Fury Potato” design there were some requests for MentalMars branded merch. I have been looking into that and put up a new design, so you can get that one from the store right now.

mentalmars shirts available now

Future Content

During my vacation, I  have been making a things-to-do list and making a schedule to better pace myself. This should help me with optimizing my content creation.  Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to Borderlands 3. Therefore I’ll be adding some new Borderlands content to the site. This means even more wallpapers, but also new articles. I have been thinking about possible features for the next Borderlands game, and I’m liking these speculation articles. There is also some Battleborn content in the works and got some ideas for future content. I noticed that writing articles is quicker for me than making video content and I want to provide regular updates. However I do like making videos and you guys seem to enjoy them, but it’s very time-consuming for me to make. I have been thinking of optimizing my workflow. Just haven’t gotten around to doing that.

Bord3rlands vs Borderlands 3

There was a fun little poll and while I thought everyone would vote for Bord3rlands, most of you voted for the regular Borderlands 3 logo I made. If you check the hashtags and youtube thumbnail art a lot of people use Bord3rlands. However, if you get to choose between the logos there is a clear winner.

BTW. There is an awesome Borderlands 3 Wallpaper coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Website improvements

  • Adjusted the frontpage
  • New links in the footer
  • Mobile Optimizations
    • Normally I spend more time looking at the site on my PC, however, during my vacation I noticed some stuff wasn’t that great on a smaller mobile device. Therefore I changed some stuff and added some more menu options so the other content is also available.
  • New Featured images for videos and articles
  • Borderlands SHiFT Code Pages
    • Pages were getting long, therefore, I added a tab for older codes.
    • Added guide on how to redeem codes
    • Added tab themed event codes
    • Added an index page for all Gearbox SHiFT Codes
  • Changed the color of links 
    • Common Tabs are now orange like all links.
    • Links in the footer are now also orange because there was no color difference between normal text and links.
  • CMS, Theme, and Plugin updates
    • Normally I don’t report on this back-end stuff but this also fixes issues.
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