Borderlands 1 Splatter Wallpapers

Borderlands Splatter Wallpaper Series
Borderlands Splatter Wallpaper Series

Rocking the Borderlands 1 theme again with a new series of Wallpapers. This set of backgrounds is named after the art style Gearbox & 2K Games used to promote their game. With all the ink / blood splatters they used in their designs and the lack of finding a better name for this series of wallpapers this one  simply got named Splatter. Did you know that the Borderlands 2 artwork with just the character renders on it got named Splatter Pose by Gearbox Software.  Besides the splatter thingy these wallpapers also have the grunge pattern you recognize from the Borderlands artwork .

If you think you have seen these  wallpapers somewhere before that’s possible. I also made versions of the other Borderlands games with all the Vault Hunters:


With the Borderlands 2 version you can also read how this wallpaper evolved over time as i updated elements from the design. With these Borderlands 1 versions i didn’t change a lot in comparison to the BL2 & BLTP versions. The only difference is that i changed the background color from orange to red as that was the color theme with Borderlands 1. Also gave Claptrap the class Oracle as that was his intended function for the game.

Borderlands 1 Splatter Series

Here’s a overview of the BL1 Splatter Wallpapers.

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