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Borderlands 2 Blacklist Wallpapers

Borderlands2 Wallpaper Collage - Blacklist
Borderlands2 Wallpaper Collage - Blacklist

This series of  Borderlands 2 wallpapers started as a single Zero “the Assassin” Wallpaper. As I wanted to create a unique wallpaper for this Vault Hunter. But just like some of the other projects do to popular demand the other Vault Hunters have also gotten a wallpaper with this design.

I’m not sure where the inspiration for this wallpaper design came from. The idea was to minimize the number of color levels of the character render. As Zero already had a few colors I thought he would be the easiest one to do. By lowering the number of shades I got a nice contour of the character, but it was a bit rough. So I thought I could do better result by using vector shapes. This resulted in a cool clean looking design.

I think the background of the wallpaper came from the respawn animation of the new-u station.  As you have all those little squares flying around that digi-struct your fallen hero.

The name for this wallpaper series was a bit of lifting on the hype of another game. One of the games I was looking forward to was Splintercell Blacklist, as the design of this wallpaper was kinda black and I simply didn’t find another name for it, well what the heck just go with it.

After posting the Zero version of this wallpaper on the Gearbox forums I got a good response from the community and requests for the other vault hunters showed up.

So I tried getting them up as fast as I could, but my vector drawing skills weren’t that good back then. As the other vault hunters are a bit more complex to do I used a different technique to get somewhat the same results.

The Wallpapers were received with enthusiasm but after all this time I think I could have done a better job. So at first, I wasn’t going to upload the other versions of the Blacklist wallpapers. But recently I got a comment saying that the Blacklist series was one of his favorite Borderlands wallpapers. Therefore I bring you this collection.

Blacklist Wallpaper Collection

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