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Borderlands 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Borderlands 2 Nintendo Switch
Borderlands 2 Nintendo Switch

Hello Traveler, first off I want to tell you that is pure speculation at the moment. Although I find it odd that this message from 2K support even exists. I also know that in the past Randy Pitchford mentioned that they were talking to Nintendo and that this somehow stopped.

This resulted in news updates everywhere that Borderlands 3 was not coming to the Nintendo Switch. Looking at the raw power of the Nintendo Switch, one would assume that the console isn’t capable of running such a modern game.

However, with all the current re-release of Borderlands 2 in VR and the Borderlands Remaster that has been floating around you could assume that one of those games could see a re-release on the Nintendo Switch.

Strange Messages by 2K Support

You probably know that the Borderlands Twitter account posts new SHiFT Codes every week which also end up here on the site.

For some time now the replies at everything Borderlands or Gearbox related are floating with questions like; “Where is Borderlands 3?” or “Borderlands on Switch when?”.

Well, this time the support account by 2K Games replied to one of these messages. I found it odd that they replied and what they wrote in their message.

No Info for Borderlands yet by 2K Support
No Info for Borderlands yet by 2K Support

The message reads; “Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on that yet”.

  1. Why would 2k Support respond to this message? They are not tagged into the question or the original message.
  2. Why do they mention the ‘YET’ part? This suggests that something is coming but they don’t have the details at this moment.

Jokes aside

Another particular thing is the ‘*JK’ part in the message. At first, I thought this was short for JOKE. However, when looking into the 2K Support twitter messages I noticed that all of their replies end with a signature.

Do each of these signatures stand for a specific reply or is there something different going on? Are the *JK messages for ‘jokes’ and the *CC messages for ‘Cache Crashes’. Then what do all these other signatures mean?

It didn’t make sense to me until I found multiple messages with the *JK signature.

2K Support JK messages
2K Support *JK messages

The *JK was not the signature of the type of reply but the signature of who is leaving the replies. Because it wouldn’t make sense to add ‘JOKE’ to every message (unless you are Joe King).

Why Borderlands 2 could come to Nintendo Switch?

If Gearbox Software and 2K Games would release a Borderlands game on the Nintendo Switch I would assume that Borderlands 2 is the most likely option of them all.

  1. Borderlands 2 is already getting a re-release on PlayStation VR.
    • Marketing doesn’t have to explain why one platform is getting BL1 and the other platform is getting BL2.
  2. It’s the best-selling game in the franchise.
    • Popularity matters.
  3. Borderlands 2 already runs on the Nvidia Shield which has the “same” Tegra chip as the Nintendo Switch.
    • Because the architecture is similar the port would probably go faster and be less expensive.

Why not Borderlands 3 or Borderlands Remastered?

Borderlands 3 is going to take advantage of the power that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 harness. The Nintendo Switch can’t compete with that RAW power. I know Doom did a solid port to the console but that’s not an open-world game.

There are rumors going around that a new version of the Nintendo Switch is in development. Maybe that one contains more power but then we are going to more speculation. So I’ll dismiss this one for now.

I would love to see a Borderlands 1 Remaster that releases on all the platforms. While the PC, Xbox One & PS4 versions have been listed on the Korean Rating Board, a Switch version was absent from that leak.

The first Borderlands game would probably be able to run on the Nintendo Switch, however, we don’t know what upgrades a remastered edition will include. If you want to know what kind of upgrades I want for Borderlands 1 Remastered then be sure to check out that article.

Do you want Borderlands on the Nintendo Switch YES/NO let me know in the comments below or on social media.

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